Ran Ben Shimon: “My future? We’ll see in the next two days”

Ran Ben Shimon: “My future? We’ll see in the next two days”
Ran Ben Shimon: “My future? We’ll see in the next two days”

Although it was not a game with too much significance, MS. Ashdod won tonight (Sunday) against Hapoel Jerusalem 0:1, and the coach Ran Ben Shimon He said at the end: “You don’t choose when you win and every victory is fun for God. We saw a lot of young guys and it was great fun, a smile in the dressing room and fun forever.”

Regarding the missing squad he arrived with, the Ashdod coach said: “The replacements Gil and Shaked played a great game and Roy Levy recorded a huge save and the players played an outstanding game today. They have been waiting for this opportunity all year. If they were disgruntled players who did not train well, they would not have been able to succeed in the opportunities that they accept, but we do our best. I feel that it’s always fun to watch this team.”

Ben Shimon was asked if, for him, the season was a success, and he replied: “A top playoff, a cup semi-final, which is Ashdod’s greatest achievement, and a lot of games that played outstanding football. We were a fun team this year in the league and we didn’t lose against any team, we had a very good season overall as well Regarding the injuries, when we were from the third round without our outstanding player and we didn’t run and we didn’t talk about shortcomings and found a replacement. Quietly quietly Ashdod had an outstanding season.”

So is it time for a new challenge? “I’ll see what happens in the next two days and I’ll know definitively, it’s something that already needs to be decided upon. There is one person in front of whom it was closed and who respects me all these four years, it will be in front of him and I respect him.”

Elad Shafwho scored the winning goal, said: “The season is not over, we have one game left and we are committed to the club, ourselves and the game. We would like to take 3 points. It is not easy when there is nothing to play for, but we are professionals who want to improve and progress, we should always come prepared no matter what The importance of the game, we were good and gave 100%. I always believe and Ran believed and the team believed, we had a very nice season and we could have made a historic season. It didn’t work out and I hope it will come again.”

on the other hand, Ziv Arya He said: “It was a typical end-of-season game. The players wanted, but we weren’t good enough and we lost. We had a good season and the players are a bit mentally tired. Nothing. A drop in tension? I don’t have answers to that, I don’t know. I don’t like losing any game. Changes? Maybe 15 new players will arrive in the coming week, what changes can I make? We will train and try to win.”

Omar Caviliowho started as the Hapoel Jerusalem goalkeeper: “I’ve been waiting for this all year and trained hard. I’m happy that Ziv and the team gave me an opportunity to show what I’m worth. I’m a little upset about the result and we’ll take the good things from here. The results in the last few games are not good, but all in all we are a young team that did Something historic this season and an amazing season, I’m happy to be part of it. I have a contract here, we’ll finish the season and concentrate on that.”

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