There will be an atmosphere for which football is played

Maccabi Netanya will meet Maccabi Haifa tomorrow (Monday) at 20:30 in the penultimate round of the top playoffs, as the Diamonds want to continue preparing for the state cup final and try to finish fourth in the league. Today the Diamonds held a press conference ahead of the meeting.

Ran Kozhuk The coach of the team commented on the option of Maccabi Haifa winning the championship in Maccabi Netanya’s home stadium: “I didn’t think about it, what has always been interesting is us and we are interested in doing another good game, keep improving and arrive ready for next week, continue the good energy and the quality that is starting to return to itself. We have something to lose, the game.”

The coach also added about the ticket frenzy of the Maccabi Haifa fans: “There will be an atmosphere here for which we play football, as in every game this year against Maccabi Haifa, I believe that this game will also be enjoyable for the crowd. Both teams come and want to win and that’s how they behave all year, certainly Maccabi Haifa. We will do everything to win, regardless of the success I wish for Maccabi Haifa.”

Regarding the condition of Patrick Twamsi, who was released from the hospital today: “I still don’t know, I need to talk to both Patrick and the doctor and make an informed decision about what he ate. There was some reaction of the body that was probably from food, but it could have been from other factors, Patrick brought up the issue of Harif that he is not used to eating and suddenly ate, but this is something that, by the way, the doctors did not really believe in. In the end it’s not that interesting, we need to take care of him properly, he’s here with us on the training day, we’ll talk to him and talk to the doctor and we’ll see.”

On the importance of the upcoming game in front of the cup final against Beitar Jerusalem: “Our focus is each game for itself, we are focusing on Maccabi Haifa and that is what is interesting. There is still no decision regarding Boris (not) who is in danger of yellow cards, but the goal is to protect our interests and our goals.”

Boris Yeno, there is still no decision in his case (Hagi Michaeli)

Oz spent He added: “Of course I would love to score against Maccabi Haifa, every player likes to score in big games. We will come as prepared as possible and as we come to every game, to play loose football and complete our goals by the end of the year”

Regarding his future, the player on loan from MS Ashdod added: “I definitely want to stay here, I feel that I am given all the tools to succeed and I would like to continue. Since I arrived here, we had a goal to finish at least fourth place and reach Europe, through fourth place we will not reach Europe, but it would still be nice to achieve this goal. Regardless, there is excitement for the cup, but we are focusing on the upcoming game.”