“Chinano Onuaku? Shared guilt, the burden of proof is on him”

“Chinano Onuaku? Shared guilt, the burden of proof is on him”
“Chinano Onuaku? Shared guilt, the burden of proof is on him”

The decisive stages of the season in the Premier League are already here, and just before the quarter-final series with Hapoel Tel Aviv against Ironi Nes Ziona, the chairman of the Reds Rami Cohen Arrived for an interview on the 5th in the air. In the spotlight, among other things: the summary of the European season, the difficult integration of Chinano Onuaku and the behavior of the crowd.

“The fact that Hapoel Yerushalayim reached the final of the BCL is not a chill, I wish them all the success in Europe,” Firgan first explained and then explained: “The fact that they passed us on the way to second place was already a chill, because it came more or less out of nowhere. This year we were, as it were, stuck in second place, maybe first. In the end, we squinted up and got a kick in the ass from below.”

When asked about the European season experienced by the club, he said: “I don’t see a failure in what happened in Europe, relative to what we planned, it was a success. With the way the season developed, we could spend more. We learned a few things about a long season and what it means at the end of the home games.”

He then addressed the issue of Chinano Onuaku, who arrived after the start of the season when Chris Horton left at the same time. “I can say about Onuaku that he wants so much and is so positive,” he said, “What happened is a shared fault, his for taking time to adapt to the style of play and ours for not being able to find a style of play that showcases everyone’s strengths. It’s that a team that is built on offensive and defensive works For him and he is a great player, we understood that, now in this segment it is his duty to prove – to prove that he can play in other styles as well.”

“We created a dressing room that is not easy to control,” he added, “but Danny Franco also proved in Jerusalem in the championship with Donte Smith and a few other difficult people that he knows how to manage such teams. It’s a construction you do and you know in advance that there is a lot of talent but the daily management is not easy The dressing room is good and the guys are together, but everyone has their own style and it’s not an easy story.”

“Shared guilt” (Oded Karni)

When asked about the behavior of the crowd in the last derby, he said: “I don’t know where to start, I’ll just give it my all. Lighting flares in the last year – 3 times Hapoel Tel Aviv, 3 times Maccabi Tel Aviv, 3 times Hapoel Jerusalem and 4 times Holon , check it, we checked it. In the last cup final of Maccabi Tel Aviv against Jerusalem, even then the stands were on fire. There was no one who would run and cry and say ‘we will stop the game and woe and disaster’. All this hype that is for better and for worse against Hapoel Tel Aviv. It seems as if it didn’t happen in the past, it happened, it will happen and unfortunately it will happen again in the future.”

“Even in Jerusalem against Maccabi in the final, there was not one flare, but twenty flares,” he continued, “beyond that, I don’t like it, I don’t like flares in a basketball game because of the element of risk that exists. Surely this won’t become something that happens in every derby, sharp Meaning no. Even in football, flares are thrown between each other, so will they do without an outside audience? Let’s close the audience and have a tournament at Sony.”

Cohen added: “I don’t blame the police for the flares, but I do blame the crazy search that took place and the announcement this morning that everyone would be searched and stripped. It was terrible to enter the hall. You can’t stop it, when the fans want it and we have to work on information and not get into a war of whose More of a hero when we played in Europe and there were flare incidents, the conduct of the security forces was so different that it turned it into a minor incident, they didn’t make people throw the flares. The ushers reached out and said, ‘Are you done with the flare? Bring it to me.’ This is an emphasis. I see no reason for us to receive more than Maccabi Tel Aviv, Jerusalem or Holon received in the past for flares, which is several thousand shekels. You and I know it will be difficult, but I see no real reason for it.”

In summarizing the issue, Cohen said: “Over the years I have learned that there is nothing to be done, things take on a different expression in Hapoel Tel Aviv because we are more vocal and prominent. It’s not a year, it’s almost three years that the crowd’s behavior is good, I see it from the fines map. It should be kept within limits and proportions. I’m not crazy about it for the small chance that someone will click and something will burn, and it still has to be looked at in the right context. It happens and not only in Israel, the punishment should not be special to Hapoel Tel Aviv.”

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