We did something that had never happened in football

Doron Ben Dor 05/17/2023 20:54

Barak Becher and Yaakov Shahar (Omari Stein)

In the presence of club president Jacob Shahar, his deputy Uzi Mor, Or Shahar, CEO Itzik Ovadia, the coaching staff and the players, Maccabi Haifa launched the Champions League journey album this evening (Wednesday) with a rare glimpse of never-before-seen moments. Among other things, a glimpse into the dressing room during the game and behind the scenes of the preparation for the games.

One of the greatest moments in the album is the preparation for the fast of Kippur, the day before the match against Juventus in Italy. Among those present at the glittering event were former players such as Zion Merili, Alon Harazi, Zahi Armali Giovanni Rosso and others. The photographer and the person behind the album, which includes 5037 photos from the trip, is Micah Brickmanwho said: “You see a family journey, it was a magical journey with all the difficulties that were in the campaign”.

the president Jacob Dawn He said: “This is an event we planned many weeks ago. Glad we came here as champions, thanks to the players and the coaching staff, we are like a champion club and this is a sign that we know football, but there are many activities outside the field. We are not a football team but a football club and I am very proud of that. I want to thank all the officials and our shadow people in the offices, thank everyone who brought us this far. We did something that had never happened in Israeli football. We created a level that there were no moments like it.”

Yaakov Shahar (Omari Stein)

The CEO Ovadia He said: “There were unforgettable moments in the journey of the Champions League, this is an evening that actually closes the campaign. Also the way we arrived and looked during the campaign, I’m also talking about the aspects of the crowd that accompanied us in emotional moments. We had a very interesting experience on Yom Kippur when the players made Kippur in a synagogue. There were great moments on the field as well, in the victory against Juventus and against PSG in Sami Ofer.”

Itzik Ovadia (Omari Stein)
Yaakov Shahar speaks (Omari Stein)
Omar and Or Atzili (Omari Stein)
Maccabi Haifa players at the ceremony (Omari Stein)
The ceremony of Maccabi Haifa (Omari Stein)
Daniel Sondgren (Omari Stein)
Mavis Chibuta and her partner (Omari Stein)
Dolev Haziza (Omari Stein)
Abdulai Sek (Omari Stein)
Chiron Sherry (Omari Stein)
Yaakov Shahar speaks (Omari Stein)
Sharif Kiuf, Mahmoud Jaber and Bassem Zarora (Omari Stein)
Rami Gershon and Nikita Rukavitsa (Omari Stein)
Goni Naor with his partner (Omari Stein)
Pierre Cornot (Omari Stein)
The Baha'i Gardens (Omari Stein)
Muhammad Abu Fani (Omari Stein)
Dolev Haziza places tefillin on the plane (Omari Stein)
Maccabi Haifa players on the streets of Europe (Omari Stein)
Shawn Goldberg (Omari Stein)
Dia Saba and his wife (Omari Stein)
Maccabi Haifa players on the streets of Europe (Omari Stein)
Maccabi Haifa vs. Juventus (Omari Stein)
A journey between champions (Omari Stein)