Will you be able to change? The day after the elimination in Phoenix

Will you be able to change? The day after the elimination in Phoenix
Will you be able to change? The day after the elimination in Phoenix

After losing a 0:2 advantage in the NBA Finals against Milwaukee two years ago, the Phoenix Suns hoped that in the playoffs that would follow they would be able to make the leap towards a first degree, but both last year and tonight (between Thursday and Friday) they ended the season in a shameful way with particularly painful home losses.

List of free agents:
Torey Craig, Josh Okogie, TJ Warren, Joc Landale, Terrence Ross, Darius Baisley, Bismack Biyombo and Damion Lee.

As far as the position of coach is concerned, Monty Williams signed a contract extension last summer, but it may be that the most significant way for the Suns to make a change will be precisely in this position, since the skeleton of the staff will remain next season as well.

Still, if the Suns are going to make changes through trades, it seems like the most realistic assets to move are DeAndre Ayton, Chris Paul, Cameron Payne and Landry Shamet.

The Suns understand that the team’s main problem in the playoffs was in the bench, when apart from the starting five they hardly received any contribution from the sixth player on. Phoenix finished the playoffs as the team with the second worst contribution in terms of points off the bench.

The contracts of Durant, Booker, Ayton and Paul occupy 87% of the team’s salary cap, and therefore in Phoenix they will have to build the rest of the roster from players with minimum contracts, while those who may remain in the team from the current season are Josh Okogie, Torey Craig and Joc Landale.

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