“Hapoel Tel Aviv’s punching bag of the court”

“Hapoel Tel Aviv’s punching bag of the court”
“Hapoel Tel Aviv’s punching bag of the court”

Today (Wednesday), Hapoel Tel Aviv came to the hearing of the appeal of the conditional opening of two points next season following a fan riot in the game against Kiryat Shmona. The Reds appealed the 4-5 goal closing penalty for two more games. At the hearing, the representative of the Reds claimed discrimination in the punishment.

“The punishment with Hapoel Tel Aviv this season is greater than any other club,” said the lawyer Yuval Shadmi The ombudsman of Hapoel Tel Aviv, “Closing stands, fines, points nothing helps even though Hapoel Tel Aviv invests more than any other club.” Assaf Hadassi He replied: “Nothing helps with you.” Shadmi answered him: “Limit vicarious liability.” More Yaniv and Aki The other judge: “So what is the argument to stop giving you punishments?”. Hadesi judge: “Give us a solution on how to punish.”

Shadami continued: “The police and the court must help us. We filed civil lawsuits, we took away their appointments. It’s not working, so now deducting points for us if and when there are more events next year is a violation of sportsmanship. The most serious event in recent years is the burning of Hapoel’s deployment flag in” Q received a sentence of Radius on probation. Maccabi Haifa had no radius this season and they used pyrotechnics the most this season. A conditional point deduction sanction of 2 points for next season is disproportionate. We are the punching bag of the league.”

the association’s prosecutor Nir Reshef: “Regarding the lack of uniformity, each group has these claims. Following the case in Turner when the flag was lit, the tribunal decided to be stricter, and after this case, Hapoel Tel Aviv was the first to come before the tribunal. There was a temporary order to cancel the penalties without an audience, so they are working with the approach of reducing points in practice or conditionally. In any matter of massive flares and stoppage of play we will demand a points reduction for the next season on condition. This will be our demand from now on. I do not back down from the request for a conditional punishment of points reduction.”

Shadmi and Reshef in the discussion

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