Is it realistic? Behind Haifa’s interest in Abergel

Laurent Abergel is the most intriguing name mentioned in the context of Maccabi Haifa as far as the summer is concerned. It’s not every day that a captain from the French first league is nominated for a team from Israel, but is it really realistic to add him? Depends on who you ask. Abergel is a regular player in Lorraine and one of its most prominent players this season. The Sport Channel learned that Abergil’s salary is 500,000 euros, and also the huge offer of Maccabi Haifa, which was reported in the French media, is an offer that hovers around the same amounts, which may be slightly higher, which would make him the top earner in Haifa.

So why do Haifa hope that Abergil will be convinced to join? Mainly because of the ambitions of the greens. Abergil visited Israel several times in the past and is proud of his Judaism. Throughout his career he never played in a top team and never won a title in his life. The team from Carmel believes that beyond a small financial upgrade compared to the French league, they can offer him to fight for titles as well as participation in the European arena, which could be significant for the 30-year-old Abergel.

Meanwhile, the Jewish connection ignited the imagination on social networks who recently started following Maccabi Haifa on Instagram, which caused a rumor mill. The Greens understand that the Israeli supply is not wide, and Abergel has been marked as a major acquisition target, but to add him – they will also have to pay a transfer fee, since his contract ends in 2025. Will Albertman succeed? We will find out later this summer.

Meanwhile he is in France (getty)

Follows Haifa and Pierre Cornot (screenshot)

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