The departure and end of the season.. A shocking fate for the sons of Zamalek in the Gulf and European leagues

The departure and end of the season.. A shocking fate for the sons of Zamalek in the Gulf and European leagues
The departure and end of the season.. A shocking fate for the sons of Zamalek in the Gulf and European leagues

The sons of Zamalek Club, who are professionals in the Gulf and European leagues, were dealt a severe blow. With the departure of one of them, and the end of an international bilateral season “due to injury.”

Mostafa Mohamed, the former Zamalek striker, recorded a clear position. After he refused to support homosexuality in one of the French League matches, which caused him to receive a financial penalty, and his departure from his club approached at the end of the season.

While the injury caused the end of the season of the previous Zamalek duo, Imam Ashour and Tariq Hamed, in the Danish and Saudi leagues, respectively.

Sada El Balad sheds light on the fate of 3 former stars in Zamalek, and professionals in the Gulf and European leagues.

The departure of the former Zamalek striker from France

Mohamed Mandour, a sports critic for “France 24” magazine in France, blew a big surprise about the departure of Mustafa Mohamed, the Nantes player, from his team, after he refused to wear the homosexual badge, and was absent from the Toulouse match in the French League.

Mandour said, in statements to the “Evening with Qaswaa” program, that Mustafa Mohamed will leave Nantes at the end of the current season, and the French club will not activate the clause of his purchase from his Turkish club, Galatasaray, after his position not to wear the homosexuality badge.

He added that Mustafa Mohamed succeeded in gaining great support and sympathy during the past days, due to his rejection of the strange decision by the French Federation, indicating that the player’s career will end at the end of the season with his team.

The French club, Nantes, announced the punishment of the Egyptian international, Mostafa Mohamed, the team’s striker, after he refused to participate in the match against Toulouse in the French League.

Mostafa Mohamed refused to participate in his team’s meeting against Toulouse, due to the presence of special colors supporting gay rights on the shirts of the French League teams, in this round, and he remained in the team’s hotel, refusing to wear a rainbow-coloured shirt.

A severe blow to the former Zamalek star in the Gulf

The Saudi Al-Riyadiah newspaper revealed that the results of the x-rays that Tariq Hamed, the player of the Al-Ittihad football team, underwent yesterday, proved that he had suffered a rupture in the tendon of the posterior thigh muscle, and that he needed medical rehabilitation before returning to running again.

Al-Riyadh confirmed that Tariq Hamed’s season with Al-Ittihad Club ended to a large extent, after the medical examination that he underwent yesterday, which means his absence from the decisive confrontations for his team against Al-Hilal in the 27th round, which took place yesterday evening, and Al-Batin in the 28th round, and Al-Fayhaa. In the 29th round, and Al-Taei in the last round.

Hamed was injured while warming up in the penultimate training that preceded the “El Clasico” match against Al Hilal at the club’s headquarters in Jeddah.

Tariq Hamed joined the Jeddah Hamed Federation last summer with a contract for two seasons, of which he spent one season, where he played in the club’s shirt 27 matches in all competitions in which he participated, including 23 matches in the Saudi Roshan League, and he received seven yellow cards and one red.

Injury ends Imam Ashour’s season in Europe

The Danish club Maitland announced the end of the Egyptian international season, Imam Ashour, with the team, due to injury, and his return to Egypt to complete treatment.

The Danish club said in an official statement: “Imam Ashour suffered an injury during his participation with the team against Viborg in the cup match, and he will not play again this season.

The statement added, “Imam Ashour traveled to Egypt to receive treatment and rehabilitation.”

The injury is a severe blow to the Egyptian international, Imam Ashour, a few months after the start of his first professional experience in Europe, where he joined Maitland in the Mercato last winter from Zamalek.