Zoevi was banned from 4 games and fined NIS 3,500

Jonathan Ginzburg 05/18/2023 09:39

Hisham Zoevi (Haggai Michaeli)

Last Tuesday, on his 54th birthday, Hisham Zoevi shot in all directions when, among other things, he told ONE that David Foxman threw an entire season away. Yesterday (Wednesday) he was present at the disciplinary court, along with his assistant, Muhammad Abbas (Bari) for inappropriate behavior and disobeying the instructions of the match referee. Their indictment came following the events in the district finals in League A, when Tzeiri Kfar Kana met Hapoel Kfar Shalem, a game in which Kfar Shalem and Noam Shoham qualified for the last game of the season, where they lost to Nauf HaGalil and remained with the experts.

The judge, attorney Giora Landau, decided that Hisham Zoevi would be removed from four actual games, including an automatic suspension (see the red card against Kfar Shalem and therefore – 5 games will be out), and if that was not enough, he was fined a total of NIS 3,500. of Zoabi, Mohammad Abbas (Berti) was removed from three actual games, including an automatic suspension for the red card he saw against Kfar Shalem and therefore – was removed from four actual games.

David Foxman’s referee’s report as written after the match between the youth of Kfar Kana and Hapoel Kfar Shalem reads: “In the 37th minute I whistled for a penalty kick in favor of Kfar Shalem which was not received in a sporting manner by the host team’s bench (to say the least). Kfar assistant coach Jealous, Muhammad Abbas, began to rage on the lines claiming that the decision was wrong and absurd. He left the boundaries of the technical area, shouted at the assistant referee and the fourth referee and even entered the field of play. There was no escape from sending him off with a direct red card. It should be noted that the bench personnel had already been warned a number minutes earlier for their behavior. After about two minutes, in the 39th minute, I whistled for a return penalty kick in favor of Kfar Shalem. The coach of the Kfar Kana team, Hisham Zoevi, entered the field in protest of the decision and began to order his players to get off the grass.”

“When I approached him, he started raging, clapping continuously and threatening to blow up the game. As a result, I sent him off with a red card. After that, the coach refused to leave the field and had to evacuate only with the intervention of the security guards. This caused the game to be stopped for several minutes and a great commotion during The audience of his team (Kfar Kana) began to sing nationalistic songs “Palestinian was redeemed with blood and fire”. After a few minutes, the coach took him down to the technical area from the stands and continued to defy and complain about the refereeing and turned away again with the help of the security guards.”


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