Furious Peres, Real will think twice about contract extensions

ONE | system 05/18/2023 09:27

Benzema, Perez and Kroos (Reuters)

Florentino Perez does not like to lose, and certainly not 4:0. After Real Madrid’s defeat against Manchester City in the semi-final second leg of the Champions League, it was reported in Spain that the president of the Blancos was very angry with the players and the general picture they presented from the game. He did not speak to them at the end of the game: “It will be an intense summer”, the media promised.

Peres was very unhappy with the performance of the veteran players, who should of course extend their contracts. Following last night’s performance, it doesn’t look like Real Madrid’s purchasing plan for the coming summer will change. In ‘Onde Seru’ they even added that the contracts of certain players in the team who wanted to be extended, will now be “analyzed” more and the club will think twice.

While Toni Kroos and Luka Modric faced the media, Karim Benzema was asked to speak and refused. In Spain they gave him the grade 4 and claimed he was “unrecognizable”. About Carlo Ancelotti, who received the same score, it was written: “His team suffered a historic defeat and he did nothing to prevent it. Didn’t try to turn the game around, the result at the end should have been the result after half an hour”.

Karim Benzema (Reuters)

In Spain they added: “No one at Real Madrid believed what they saw on the pitch. The players didn’t seem to care, didn’t fight for the ball, some of the big names didn’t even take control of the ball. In the semi-finals of the Champions League, it seemed that the players gave up.”

A busy summer awaits the whites. Brahim Diaz is set to return from his loan at Milan, Fran García from Rayo Vallecano and Jude Bellingham from Dortmund are set to be signed. Unless there is a major surprise, Luka Modric, Toni Kroos and Karim Benzema will extend their contract, while the futures of Dani Sabaios, Marco Asensio and Nacho are still in Spain. Mariano Diaz will leave for sure.