I would be very surprised if Goldhar fired me

Aitor Kranka’s last press conference at Maccabi Tel Aviv? Perhaps, because the Spaniard’s future has not yet been decided as far as next season is concerned. In the meantime, the Yellows have one last game left for this season – on Saturday (20:30) against MS. Ashdod and in front of him the coach talked about the preparations and the last season he had in the club. The press conference was broadcast live on the website.

crank He was asked if he would be surprised in the event that in a few days the owner Mitch Goldhar informs him of his dismissal. “I was very surprised,” replied the coach, “when I came here, I knew I didn’t come just for a few months. You can’t change what happened in a year and a half in a few months. The club changes things and an announcement like this, if it comes, will surprise me.”

Karanka also spoke about the fans’ disappointment from this season: “I can understand their frustration, but it stems not only from this season, but from the last two or three years. Since I’ve been here, when I see the players working on the field – for me it’s good. Behind all A player is a person, the only thing I can say to the fans is that they should trust the club that is moving forward and making changes. We are working and the only message I can say to the fans is that I am the first to understand their frustration, things are going to change.”

The coach added: “I learned a lot from this season, it’s true that it takes time to reach a different league and country, but at Maccabi you don’t have that time, here you have to win yesterday. I tried to do my best, learn the players as quickly as possible and it didn’t work as everyone expected. We are improving and for sure we will improve. I want to send an encouraging message, at first I felt a lot of noise around the club. I understand the frustration, but we have to be optimistic. We have good players to build on for the future. The only way to move forward is together.

“We have been working for some time (regarding next season), we know which positions we want to strengthen. It is difficult to bring players to Israel, we are trying to convince them to come to a big club like Maccabi. Our goal is to find the players who want to come here to help us succeed. Players who come Here we should be proud to be in Maccabi.”

Karanka also spoke about the decision to hold the training camp at Real Madrid’s complex: “I always went there to the camp (with my teams), the conditions there are excellent and all the big clubs and national teams come there. After that we will continue to Norway, there are also good conditions there – the field, a room The fitness, etc. It’s not just us, the best teams in Europe use these facilities. It’s important for us to have a relationship with Real, it would also be nice for our players to visit their complex.

“The camp will be at an early stage in the preparation, it is true that we need to get there with most of the squad, but the transfer window can bring surprises with it and we are working to close the squad as early as possible, but the window closes after the start of the camp.”

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