Danny Avdia’s next boss? Washington’s nominees

Danny Avdia’s next boss? Washington’s nominees
Danny Avdia’s next boss? Washington’s nominees

A month has passed since Washington fired its general manager Tommy Shepherd and meanwhile there are two candidates to take the reins in the capital of the United States and manage Danny Abdia’s team. Tonight (between Wednesday and Thursday) ESPN reported that Los Angeles Clippers GM Michael Winger interviewed for the position of director of basketball affairs for the club, thus joining Trajan Langdon, the GM of New Orleans, who has already been marked as a potential replacement.

The 43-year-old winger was appointed general manager of the Clippers and helped the club build a contender with Kawhi Leonard and Paul George, but injuries prevented this group from the City of Angels from threatening the title. Prior to that he served as assistant GM in Oklahoma City, under Sam Presti.

The 47-year-old Langdon is known to basketball fans in Israel mainly as a Euroleague legend, who won the tournament twice with CSKA Moscow and was also named MVP of the Final Four in 2008. In addition, he received the honor when he entered the Team of the Decade (2000-2010). After his career On the floor, Langdon built a great name for himself behind the scenes, when he went from a scout in San Antonio (2012-2015) to an assistant GM in Brooklyn in 2016, and as of 2019 he serves as the general manager of the Pelicans.

Alongside the happenings in Washington, The Athletic’s senior reporter Shams Charania reported that Golden State’s president of basketball affairs, Bob Myers, is on his way out of the club. The parties did not make progress in talks regarding the extension of the contract and it seems that he will leave after more than a decade in the position, during which he won four championships. Draymond Greenwho will become a free agent this summer (he has a player option for next season), responded to the news: “It sucks.”

In recent days it was announced that the Clippers are closely monitoring the situation of the decorated manager in Golden State.

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