Delete WhatsApp data from iCloud to increase storage space on Apple service

Apple provides storage space on iCloud Only 5 GB for each Apple ID account, even if you own more than one device, and this space is what we rely on to take backup copies of the various applications installed on those devices, including WhatsApp data, which if you use it heavily, it may occupy about 2 GB alone on average That is, about half of the total available space, which may force you sometimes to delete the WhatsApp file from iCloud to reduce the space occupied by the famous cloud storage service from Apple.

But before thinking about this, you should know a set of important information, most notably that iCloud is of paramount importance if you want to access their files from multiple devices, including Windows and Android devices, and keeping a backup copy of WhatsApp data is also important, as This data includes the various files you receive through the application, whether images, video, or voice messages, as well as copies of your entire conversations.

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But at the same time, in the event that the remaining storage space is very low, and if you are one of those who keep copies of everything that is sent to you via WhatsApp, you will find that WhatsApp and its data already occupy the largest percentage of the occupied space, and in this case, you will only have a solution from Two, the first solution is to buy a paid subscription to iCloud services that provide more storage spaces, which may be expensive on the one hand, and in the solution to stopping paying the subscription, Apple will delete all your data after 30 days.

As for the second solution, it is to delete WhatsApp data from iCloud and it has advantages and disadvantages, and its main advantage is that you will be able to get more storage space on cloud storage services from iCloud, and the main disadvantage on the other hand is that if anything happens to your phone that leads to the deletion of WhatsApp, you You won’t be able to get any of that data back, which includes all of your previous conversations and also includes all the image, video, and audio files you’ve received through the app.

How to delete WhatsApp data from iCloud

It is very easy to delete WhatsApp data from iCloud. It only takes very simple steps. All you have to do is open the Settings app on your iPhone, then click on the part above that includes your name, photo and your iCloud account data, and from the screen that appears, click on iCloud, then Manage storage, then Whatsapp, and then click on Delete data.

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The phone will display a confirmation message asking if you really want to delete the data already or not. In this message, press Delete to delete all WhatsApp data from your iCloud account.

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If you want to create a new WhatsApp backup on iCloud, open WhatsApp app On the phone, then go to Settings, then Chat, then click on Chat Backup, and finally click on Back Up Now, and by clicking on Include videos, you will be able to take a copy of the video files as well.

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