Colors of the homeland | gta 6 game leaks..mysterious missions and new cities

Many are looking for gta 6 game leaks, after several videos appeared, revealing the latest developments in the game “Grand Theft Auto”, which caused a report to be filed by the producing company in order to preserve its rights.

gta 6 game leaks

The company “PC Gamer”, which is responsible for the official information of the game, submitted a report to delete the clips that contain gta 6 leaks, because they are used in the GTA forums, and posted a large file about 3 GB filled with 90 videos of “GTA V and GTA VI” clips. According to the British newspaper, The Sun.

gta 6 game leaks on social media

Videos containing important information about gta 6 have been leaked on YouTube, Twitter, Reddit, and other available game forums, stating that the game is about a fictional version of Miami, very similar to 2002’s “GTA: Vice City”.

Features and places in the game gta 6

Vice City is one of the game cities.

Malibu club is back.

Port Gellhorn which is a completely new area in the game.

Allow switching guns between hands.

Let the guns be picked up from the ground.

New missions in gta 6 game

Bonnie and Clyde’s mysterious mission.

Abandoned hovercraft mission.

Mission lost at sea.

Mission Friends of Lucia.

The footage runs for RTX 3060 Ti and RTX 3080 cards, and other clips show new NPC interactions, a user interface, updated animations, and debugging tools.

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