Mad! This Apple Watch band costs more than Watch Series 8

Just when you think all the barriers have been broken, Apple comes along and surprises us. The Cupertino-based company sells an Apple Watch band that costs more than the Apple Watch Series 8. What’s so special about this Apple Watch band? Let’s find out.

Apple Watch is not a cheap product. In India, the latest Watch Series 8 has a starting price of INR 45,900 ($575). However, users can now get the second generation Apple Watch SE as a valid option at an affordable price. The newest SE watch looks perfect for kids’ wear. It comes in at INR 29,990 ($370). Both are significantly lower than the latest Ultra version. The ultra-high-grade, ultra-hard watch costs INR89,990 ($1,128).

Now that you already know the base prices for the Apple Watch 2022 range, let’s reveal the price of the bracelet. Apple sells a new Space Black Link bracelet in India for INR 47,900. This watch strap is currently the most expensive. It comes in two sizes – 38mm and 42mm. The former stands for 40mm and 41mm discs. On the other hand, the latter comes for 44mm and 45mm discs. What makes this tape special?

The magic behind the Apple Watch Space Black Link bracelet

According to Apple, it contains more than 100 ingredients. Furthermore, the manufacturing process uses the same 316L stainless steel alloy used in the case. The company also says that the processing process is very thorough. Thus, it takes about nine hours to cut the links for one band.

Moreover, it uses a custom butterfly closure that folds neatly. Many links also have a simple edit button. So, users can add and remove links to Apple Watch without any hassle. Last but not least, the icing on the cake is a diamond-like icing. It’s the excellent finishing touch to this luxurious belt.



Too expensive for you? Well, Apple also sells the Silver Link bracelet in India. This one costs around 37,500 INR ($470). This isn’t as expensive as the Apple Watch Series 8. However, you can still get a Watch SE at this pricing point.

Apple is simply Apple

watch strap

watch strap

Well, Apple is known for its premium products. Apparently, the latest belt is just a luxury product. It may only attract those with extra cash to burn. Don’t get me wrong, maybe you’re rich and want your Apple Watch to shine in the crowd. In this case, the Space Black Link is the perfect belt.

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