The right way to store potatoes..they will last a long time

The right way to store potatoes..they will last a long time
The right way to store potatoes..they will last a long time

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Potatoes are among the vegetables most prone to bruising or tuberculosis, so they must be preserved properly, because the method of preserving potatoes is simple and not much different from that of other vegetables. We will get to know them in this section of the article.

1- Avoid direct sunlight. Do not store potatoes outdoors. Store them in a drawer, basket, locker, paper bag, or other dark place.

2- Make sure the air flow continues Transfer the potatoes to a well-ventilated paper, net or container (they release carbon dioxide and water as steam so things get very wet) If you want to put them in a plastic bag, make sure they are perforated.

3- Don’t put it next to onions Many people like to throw potatoes and onions in the pantry and do just that. After all, they all like to be stored the same way, because grouping them together (with potatoes, avocados, yams, bananas, yams, and apples) might encourage potatoes to overcook. grow.

4- Avoid hot spots Even if you don’t have a storage place cooler than your kitchen, be sure to avoid the warmer areas of the house. Do not store potatoes next to the oven, under the sink, or on top of the refrigerator. Potatoes begin to grow when the temperature rises above the ideal storage temperature. Storing potatoes is easy, but strict adherence is required for best results.

Potatoes can last for several months when stored properly, but you need to follow proper storage procedures carefully to prevent them from getting bruised or damaged.

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