Realme 10 specifications; Here are its main drawbacks and a comprehensive review about it

Realme 10 specifications; Here are its main drawbacks and a comprehensive review about it
Realme 10 specifications; Here are its main drawbacks and a comprehensive review about it

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Realme has released its phone, which is classified as the economic category Realme 10, and this version is the latest version of the Realme 9 mobile, as the company has improved it in terms of performance, and provided it with new features in the camera, in addition to an attractive design, and it has also succeeded in pricing the Realme 10 mobile at the same price as the version. Previously, learn with us the specifications of (Realme 10), and a comprehensive review about it, in addition to its features and price.

Realme 10 specifications table

The company supported its Realme 10 phone with acceptable and good technical specifications and characteristics in relation to its economic price, thus becoming a strong competitor to many mobile phones within the price category, so get to know us about the Realme 10 specifications:

Healer MediaTek MT8781 Helio G99 (6nm) Mali-G57 MC2 Octa-core
GPU graphics processor Mali-G57 MC2
internal memory It comes in several versions: (64GB 4GB RAM) (128GB 4GB RAM) (128GB 6GB RAM) (128GB 8GB RAM) (256GB 8GB RAM)
Operating system and user interface Android 12 – Realme UI 3.0
the screen Super AMOLED – 6.4 inches – 1080 x 2400 pixels
main camera 50 MP
front camera 16 MP
the sound Mono
the battery Li-Po 5000 mAh

Realme 10 comprehensive review

The Realme 10 mobile was provided with specifications commensurate with its economic class, and it tried to reconcile technical specifications and advantages on the one hand, and the economic price on the other hand, here is the Realme 10 review:

Exterior design

The Realme 10 mobile was designed from plastic materials, and the most prominent characteristic of the mobile phone is the design of the back of the phone, which gives a shiny and dazzling look, and the back of the phone is made of plastic, and the screen’s utilization of the front space is good, in addition to the presence of the front camera in the form of a hole in the upper left corner of the screen, and the cameras The background is slightly protruding from the back of the phone. It is characterized by flat plastic edges that make it easy to carry with one hand. To the right of the mobile phone are the volume buttons and the power button integrated with the fingerprint sensor. The mobile is characterized by a thickness of (8 mm) and a weight of (178 g), and in general it can be said that it has a beautiful shape and design and is comfortable while holding and using it.

mobile screen

The screen is characterized by the presence of a strong protection layer (Corning Gorilla Glass 5), and the screen performs well and acceptable in relation to these specifications, and it displays the content beautifully and smoothly, and this is helped by the refresh rate (90Hz), and the screen brightness is modest while using the mobile under sunlight, as the colors become Slightly faded.

Usage and performance

The Realme 10 mobile comes with a good processor that is commensurate with its price and provides a good experience and performance, especially after providing it with the latest user interface from Realme UI 3.0, which provides many new options and additions with a more attractive interface, and it also offers a night mode (Dark Mode) with three different styles. The mobile offers good performance while opening and closing programs, and provides a comfortable and smooth use experience, and the processor is designed with (6nm) technology, which means that it is energy-saving, and the mobile can be used to play light and medium games, in addition to large games, but with medium quality, and the mobile has a feature Dynamic RAM, which enables you to use a portion of your storage memory as RAM.

Front and back camera

The rear camera of the Realme 10 mobile comes with two lenses, as the main camera lens has an aperture of (1.8), and supports auto focus as well as (Pro light) technology for better color capture, while the second lens is for isolation (Depth) with an aperture of (2.4), and the camera can shoot Videos with good accuracy, and it also supports the (ultra steady video) feature, which reduces vibration during video shooting. The front camera features an aperture of (2.45), and it gives good and acceptable pictures and supports many features, such as portrait photography and Full HD video shooting, and in general the cameras provide good and acceptable pictures, during strong and weak lighting conditions.

Sound system

The Realme 10 mobile contains mono headphones that produce good and loud sound, and is acceptable for a mobile within the economic price category, and there is also a 3.5mm input for connecting headphones.

battery performance

The Realme 10 mobile is equipped with a huge battery and an energy-saving processor, which help it last for a long time during average use, and it can last for more than a day if used simply, and the empty battery takes about an hour to complete charging, and it also supports 33W fast charging.

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Realme 10 features

Realme has been able to add many useful features for users, make it easier for mobile owners to use the experience, and make it more convenient, so we present the most important features of Realme 10:

  • Equipped with a Super AMOLED screen.
  • Dynamic RAM technology.
  • Supports two SIM cards.
  • Type-C usb port.
  • Huge battery with fast charging feature.
  • Supports the Face Unlock protection method.

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Realme 10 defects

The Realme 10 mobile lacks some advantages and characteristics, due to its low price, which limits the company’s ability to provide it with better and newer technologies, so get to know us about the most prominent Realme 10 defects:

  • Lack of NFC technology.
  • 4K shooting is not supported.
  • Not officially water and dust resistant.
  • The rear camera lens is somewhat prominent.
  • An Ultra Wide camera lens is not available.

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Realme 10 box content

Realme provides several accessories with the mobile phone box, so that the user can use the mobile phone directly, and the accessories are determined based on the price of the mobile and the manufacturer’s policy, and below we show you the content of the Realme 10 box:

  • mobile charger.
  • The charger wire.
  • Transparent back cover for protection.
  • Instruction manual.
  • The metal pin for opening the SIM tray.

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Realme 10 price

The Realme mobile is available in the global market at a price of $ 230, and this mobile is cheap compared to the features and features it has, and we will show you the price of the Realme 10 in its highest version:

The state price
Egypt 8500 pounds
Saudi Arabia 820 riyals
UAE 850 dirhams

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Frequently asked questions about Realme 10 mobile

The Realme 10 mobile offers many advantages and features, in addition to the presence of some defects in it, so some common questions arise about the mobile, and we present to you the most prominent of them:

What colors is the Realme 10 available in?

Realme 10 is available in the following colors: white, black and blue.

In conclusion, we got acquainted with the specifications of Realme 10, in addition to a comprehensive review about it with its most prominent defects, advantages and price in some Arab markets, and we conclude from the review of the (Realme 10) mobile that it is a good mobile and can be relied upon during daily use, due to its good specifications and features, and its price Economic proportional to its characteristics, made it one of the best phones in the economic category.

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