The most interesting news and articles for our followers last week

The most interesting news and articles for our followers last week
The most interesting news and articles for our followers last week

Throughout the week, we share with you a package of news and articles that reflect developments in the gaming industry, such as new announcements or interesting statements, and others. In our new section titled Trend of the Week, we will tell you the most important news or articles that caught the interest of our Saudi Gamer followers in the past week.

We will start with the articles. The article that gained wide interest from our followers was titled “God of War Ragnarok Guide: Mystical Legacy Location and Troll Bosses” In God of War Ragnarok you will find the Mystical Heirloom, which is a relic that will awaken the troll statues that you will find Throughout the events of the title, defeat them and you’ll earn the Steinbjorn Shield, the best armor in the game.

Among the articles that attracted the interest of many of our followers was the article “Sales of the God of War series between 2005 and 2018.” In this article, we talked about the commercial performance of this wonderful series and the sales it achieved over the years and through its various publications.

Notable comments on the article:

Knight •

The God of War series would have surpassed 100 million copies sold comfortably if Sony devices weren’t hacked, along with many Sony games.

Among the news that was interesting to the followers was a news titled “Xbox Series S price reduction to $ 249 in the festive season”, where Microsoft announced a reduction in the price of the Xbox Series S device to $ 250 instead of $ 300, on the occasion of the festive season, which witnesses huge discounts for most products. .

The most prominent comments on the news:

Ibrahim Nashid •

Good move… The S becomes a very suitable device

Ali ALsaede •

A very weak device, and secondly, I think this is a temporary step

Another piece of news titled “Revealing details of The New Generation Update for The Witcher 3 – Introduces Shooting Mode for the First Time” where players can look forward to performance and quality modes that allow choosing whether they want to prioritize performance (higher frame rate) or quality (better visuals). Additionally, PS5 and Xbox Series X players will get ray tracing, ambient occlusion, and other graphical features.

The most prominent comments on the news:

Ibrahim Nashid •

It is very nice, but I think that no one has played it but sealed it at least twice… If the difference is not clear, I do not think we will return it except to test the new update… But why is the Series S not supported… By God, the graphic game is followed by a ps3 and Xbox 360

Note: The content of this news was written by Saudi Gamer and does not reflect the point of view of Egypt Today, but rather it was transmitted with its content as it is from Saudi Gamer, and we are not responsible for the content of the news and the custody of the aforementioned Source.

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