Motorola introduces the ultra-stylish Edge 40 phone in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia Today, Motorola expands its range of phones in the category Edge EDGEThrough the new Edge 40 device, Packed with advanced features like dust and water protection, wireless charging, and a 144Hz bendable display., In addition to a 50MP camera, all in an ultra-sleek design.

Commenting on Launching the new phone, Sharay Shams, General Manager, Motorola Middle East, said: “Relying on consumer feedback when developing new technologies is a key element of Motorola’s philosophy. These are They are looking for devices with premium features, beautiful design as well as the latest technology specifications, but at a reasonable price. And through the Edge lineup We strive to provide our customers with the latest and most beautiful at different price levels and high-value offers that meet their diverse needs.”

The new Edge 40 (motorola edge 40) Between the elegance of design and the quality of performance, as it is considered one of the thinnest phones in its class (7.58 mm), fIt features a glass screen that curves all the way to the end and a back stud that is joined by a precision-brushed aluminum frame. Beautifully compact and easy to carry, this combination offers exceptional design and ultimate comfort in users’ hands. The soft vegan leather cover allows for easy grip.

protection IP68

The Edge 40 phone has specifications IP68 high, which sets a new standard for durability and water resistance. According to these specifications, the device is designed to withstand immersion in water up to a depth of 1.5 meters for 30 minutes without causing any damage to it.. This means that users can confidently take the phone in Adventures Close to bodies of water such as the beach or swimming pool, without worrying about splashes or spills. The high-end specifications ensure that the device remains protected from dust and dirt as well, making it ideal for outdoor enthusiasts and those who lead an active lifestyle..

Wireless charging and consistent performance deliver On-the-go reliability

When it’s time to recharge, consumers can count on 68W Turbo Charging (TurboPower) Get an entire day’s power in just 10 minutes, and enjoy the battery of the 4400 mAh which can connect speeds 5G And keep up with the busy routine. And for added convenience, they can free themselves from wires with 15W wireless charging.

and device edge40 It is also equipped with a dimension slide system Dimension 8020 from Media Tech Inc.MediaTek)which enables him Seamless network connections 5G The wifi is super fast and everything works, From HD videos to smoother gaming, all with faster CPU and GPU speeds and greater power efficiency than the previous generation. There is also random access memory (RAM). LPDDR4X With a capacity of 8 GB for smooth performance and fast data retrieval, and up to 256 GB of capacity storage UFS 3.1 For ample room for photos, movies, songs, apps and games. Consumers can also unleash the full power of their smartphones with wireless readiness and PC compatibility.

And a phone works Motorola edge 40 system Android 13 includes new security and software features for enhanced protection and security.

Great photos with an advanced camera system

Thanks to its 50MP high-resolution camera system that has the largest aperture lens available in a smartphone (f/1.4), Pick up edge40 Beautiful pictures with clear details.

And with the ultra-wide aperture, users can enjoy the following:

  • Better photos in low light environment, so photo taking time is no problem
  • Soft focus background naturally behind the subject of the photo for a professional touch
  • The capture speed is the highest and it freezes motion easily, making natural photos as accurate as possible

Additionally, the ambient light sensor determines exposure instantly so photographers don’t have to worry about missing the moment when opening the camera. All-pixel autofocus delivers more accurate performance in any light, and optical image stabilization OIS For crystal clear shots. It is complemented by a 13-megapixel ultra-wide camera with technology Macrovision The rear camera system, allowing users to fit more objects into the frame or get closer to their subject, includes a 32MP high-resolution selfie camera for excellent group or individual shots in all lighting conditions. The phone also comes with a set of new video and camera improvements such as horizontal lock stabilization Horizon lock stabilization and video frames Video Portrait and the “flug” pattern Log Mode To keep photographers up to date with the latest trends.

Cinematic experience to improve Entertainment quality

When downloading content or Playing electronic games, the large and beautiful screen is very important, and the new phone provides a screen pOLEDMeasuring 6.55 inches, it features borderless curved edges for an all-encompassing view. The immersive display and precision are integrated into the systemFullHD+ , which makes the image clearer with fewer pixels. It also comes with a certificate HDR10+ and group DCI-P3 Wide range of colors that look more lively and realistic. And when gaming, browsing or multitasking, consumers can also take advantage of the fast and smooth 144Hz refresh rate to seamlessly navigate their devices.

The cinematic viewing experience comes with sound Dolby Atmos on speakers stereo, adding depth and detail to consumer-favorite entertainment with enhanced bass. In addition, the system contributes Spatial Sound In making the sound from users’ headphones or speakers more immersive as it fills the space around them when they are listening to music or playing electronic games. It provides a screen edge40 And the sound features make the entertainment experience captivating and real.

It will be available edge40 Also for clients B2B Worldwide, with services and solutions Motorola for business, such as offset emissions CO, initial support, and hardware managementMoto. And with the new phone, Motorola’s latest security feature, Protect Kernel Instant, which keeps the operating system safe from threats and intrusions. This function has been integrated within the device, which means that no settings or preparation are required and thus makes it easy to use.

Availability in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

will be available edge40 Starting today in three colors: green Nebula greenAnd blue Lunar blue and black Eclipse Black At a price of 1699 riyals. Moreover, customers will get a free gift of headphones Moto And a screen protector, in addition to a warranty for the Gulf Cooperation Council countries, at a value of 279 riyals. The Motorola Edge 40 is now available for sale Jarir Bookstore Andextra AndNoun and Saudi Telecom .(STC)

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