Why Destiny 2 fans should be looking forward to May 24th

Why Destiny 2 fans should be looking forward to May 24th
Why Destiny 2 fans should be looking forward to May 24th

It’s no secret that Destiny 2 It was a great success for bungee over the course of his six-year life, although this was not always the case. The first year of the game was met with a massive content drought that wasn’t already resolved by the first two expansions in Destiny 2, Curse of Osiris and Vormind, with the state of the game being almost critical in terms of simultaneous players and public views. The game has managed to bounce back significantly with an ever-incremental and more focused live-service approach, which is one of the main reasons behind Sony’s acquisition of Bungie, as the company wants its new subsidiary to work alongside other studios – and this could show as early as the May 24 show. PS.

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There’s no clear indication as to what kind of games will be cut at the May 24 PlayStation Showcase and whether there will be projects that Bungie helps develop, but Bungie itself may have something to show. The studio has announced plans for new IPs coming as early as 2025, and then more recently Destiny 2 A poll shared with some players may indicate that the saga isn’t ending anytime soon.

Why the May 24 PS Fair is good news for Destiny 2 and Bungie fans

Destiny 2 It’s one of the rare success stories of a game that was released in a semi-broken state and found glory just in time, but Bungie was also working on something else behind the scenes. known asTheme,” which could be Bungie’s first new IP after Saucepanhas been in development for a while now, and it would make sense for the studio to unveil it now on May 24th PS Showcase to build up hype ahead of its release, likely in 2025. While this is just speculation, it’s likely that Sony would want to show off what it’s blooming in. acquisition seeds.

Not only that, but there is an ever increasing number of Destiny 2 Veteran developers announced that they were moving away from Bungie’s iconic looter-shooter into different projects. The only one officially announced by the company is already Theme, and the players quickly made contact. There are various rumors about this game, from it being a great RPG to being a PvP focused game, and since these two traits are common in Destiny 2Players will likely feel right at home inside this new IP address if anything.

Another plausible candidate to appear among the many games at the PlayStation Showcase on May 24 could be Bungie’s rumored mobile game, which, like many titles of its caliber, could also become available on consoles. Genshin effect. This seems to be more likely by the day too, as Bungie recently shared a survey with some Destiny 2 Players ask if they want to play another game Saucepan The game was going to be released. This wasn’t necessarily the full range of the survey, but it does make one wonder if the odd show is really close – perhaps showing its face as early as next week.

Even if Bungie doesn’t share news about its project, it’s not impossible Destiny 2 Fans will be able to see the studio’s influence on other PlayStation titles, with Naughty Dog’s being one of the most obvious candidates. The Last of Us Multiplayer Game. Based on what Naughty Dog shared about the game, it could not only appear at the May 24 Showcase, but could be turned into a live service title – one of those bungee Been helping since the acquisition. Either way, there’s a good chance of that Destiny 2 Players will see something they love on May 24th.

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