Here are the most prominent iPhone screen problems and how to fix them

Here are the most prominent iPhone screen problems and how to fix them
Here are the most prominent iPhone screen problems and how to fix them

Follow-up – Jawdat Nasri

Some people may encounter technical problems related to the screen with their iPhone, despite its strong specifications.
It is likely that the iPhone user will encounter problems with the screen at least once throughout the period of using his phone, so it is necessary to know the nature of the problem and know how to deal with it.
To help you with this, the “Arab Technical News Portal” website explained some of the most common iPhone screen problems and how to fix them, as follows:

Black screen problem

The “black screen of death” is one of the most common screen problems on iPhone phones.
This problem is when the screen turns black, with sounds and vibrations being heard, but not responding to touch.
This problem is often related to software malfunctions, including errors in the operating system, malware, and compatibility issues with third-party applications.
You can try to fix the black screen issue by restarting your iPhone, and if that doesn’t work, you’ll need to enable recovery mode and factory reset your iPhone using iTunes or Finder.

The problem of the screen stopping responding

“The screen has stopped responding / Frozen display” is another common problem faced by iPhone users, where the screen stops responding while using a specific application or when turning on the phone.
This can happen when your iPhone is overloaded with heavy apps or it is possible that a certain app is causing this problem.
On the other hand, this problem can be caused by your iPhone running an older version of the iOS operating system. So, be sure to update the operating system on your phone, because “Apple” is quick to fix errors that cause some problems through updates.

A black dot appears on the screen

In the event that a black dot appears on the iPhone screen, it is possible that the phone has suffered damage that led to a certain part of the screen of your phone containing “dead pixels”, or that there is an obstacle that prevents the backlight of the screen.
In most cases, the black point is due to dead pixels in the screen and it is impossible to fix this problem manually, and it must be fixed in a center specialized in repairing iPhone devices, and sometimes the damage is irreparable, and you will need to replace the entire screen.
But, if you think the problem is not due to dead pixels, try removing the screen protector and cleaning the screen with a cotton cloth, to see if that fixes it.
Also try restarting your phone and see if that makes a difference.

The screen is not responding properly

Many times, when the iPhone gets too hot, the screen may stop working properly, either because the storage memory is full or there is water on the screen.
The first thing to do is to dry your fingers, then wipe the screen of your phone with a dry cloth to remove any moisture, and use “isopropyl alcohol” and a microfiber cloth to clean the screen from dirt.
If the problem persists, it may be due to low storage space, in which case you should delete some apps, photos, and videos, then restart the phone.
If your iPhone is too hot or cold, put it aside and wait for it to return to a moderate temperature before using it again.

Screen color change

The problem of discoloration in the iPhone screen occurs due to damage to the screen. In rare cases, the cause can be a technical glitch that goes away when you restart your iPhone or update to the latest version of iOS.