Apple announces new features, most notably “speaking with your voice”

Apple announces new features, most notably “speaking with your voice”
Apple announces new features, most notably “speaking with your voice”

Thursday, May 18, 2023 09:14 PM

Apple has announced a slew of new accessibility features coming to the iPhone and its other devices later this year.

They include Personal Voice, which uses a synthesized version of your voice for spoken conversations, providing a more meaningful way to communicate with loved ones for those who have lost the ability to speak.

It would be easy to set up a personal voice as well, only requiring you to read a random batch of text messages for about 15 minutes for the system to recognize your voice.

With another feature called Live Speech for iPhone, iPad, and Mac, you can type what you want to say and have it speak out loud in your voice during phone calls, FaceTime, and even personal conversations.

If the person’s ability to speak is already poor, Live Speech will speak for you using a preloaded voice.

To save you from typing every word, you can also save commonly used phrases which can be activated in a split second.

And for those with a condition that means they may lose their ability to speak in the future, Personal Voice will be a welcome addition to Apple’s growing collection of accessibility tools.

Apple also previewed the software’s features for cognitive accessibility, visual, auditory, and mobility.

Assisted Access, for example, distills apps and experiences down to their core features to make them easier to use.

Focusing on apps like Phone, FaceTime, Messages, Camera, Photos, and Music, Assistive Access provides a distinct interface with high-contrast buttons and large text labels.

Another useful addition is the Point and Speak for the Magnifier app, designed to make it easier for users with visual impairments to interact with physical objects that contain many text labels.

Sarah Herlinger, senior director of global accessibility policies and initiatives at Apple, said the new features were “designed with feedback from members of disability communities every step of the way, to support a diverse group of users and help people connect in new ways.”

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