WhatsApp is testing a new feature that makes it easier to use the app with one hand

The WhatsApp Messaging service is testing a new feature, which is the development of the submenu that appears when you press and hold any message within the conversations, so that it becomes possible to quickly complete a set of tasks through that menu.

According to what was published by WABetaInfo, when the user presses for a long time on a message within a WhatsApp conversation, the new submenu appears, and it carries a set of options that were not available in this way before, and these options are the possibility of forwarding or deleting a message. save it or reply to it.

These options were available before when the user selected a message by pressing and holding it in the form of a bar located at the top of the conversation at the top of the phone, unless the user relied on both hands or would need to extend the thumb to the top of the screen. Thus, the new feature will provide The user has to access these options directly through the new menu, using the phone with one hand.

This feature is one of the new features that the WhatsApp service is currently working on, as it improves the experience that the platform user gets, whether through the phone application or the website.

The WhatsApp service is always trying to offer new features to continuously maintain the loyalty of its users in the instant messaging services market, in which competition has become intense, especially with the attempt of many services, such as “Telegram” and “Messenger”, to offer advantages that compete directly with the green service. , which is the owner of the lion’s share of users of chat applications on smart phones.