Beware.. The terrifying “ghost touch” technology may penetrate your phones

Libraries, public lobbies, and coffee shops are the main target areas for hacking personal phones with devices hidden under tables

Al – Jamal Nazi

Published in: May 20, 2023: 11:09 AM GST
Last updated: May 20, 2023: 11:37 AM GST

Electronic security experts have warned that hackers and intruders can now unlock phones remotely using a terrifying new technology, dubbed the “ghost touch”, according to the British “Daily Mail”.

Ghost Touch

NordVPN is urging mobile users to step up their security amid the rise in “Ghost Touch” attacks, which allow criminals to take control of a device from as far as 4cm away.

The attacks use electromagnetic signals to simulate taps on a touch screen, which means malicious users can secretly access personal data or even install malware. Libraries, cafes and public lobbies are believed to be the main target areas for this type of attack, as users are often oblivious to what is happening and usually place their phones on tables.

under the table

Security expert Adrianas Warmenhoven, from NordVB, said that the hackers prepare the equipment under the target victim’s table in advance and launch the attack remotely. Hacking can happen without the user noticing what the phone was exposed to.

After the hacker identifies the type and model of the smartphone, he moves to the stage of hacking the device’s passcode, and although hackers find the majority of passwords through the dark web, many of them target the phone user personally, by setting up specialized equipment to emit identical electromagnetic signals that disrupt behavior. usual for the phone.

Fake touch points

After targeting the device, hackers can remotely inject fake touch points into the screen, to simulate the usual swipes and taps of the phone, which has been proven to work on nine phone models including iPhone SE (2020), Samsung Galaxy S20 FE 5G, Redmi 8 and Nokia 7.2.

Calls, browsing and banking details

Hacked devices can be unlocked on their own, and hackers can even answer calls on behalf of the user, as well as randomly open addresses, browse websites, and of course bank details and other personal information.

Increasingly clever criminal ways

Jake Moore, Global Security Consultant at ESET added: “It is likely that this highly sophisticated attack could only be used on targeted people in very specific circumstances. But it is still important to remain alert to such attacks and be aware of the increasingly clever methods used by cybercriminals.

Longer tactic

While this technology can only activate targeted devices up to 4cm away, it highlights the potential of this new technology that allows threat actors to attack devices remotely. Although this may seem highly unlikely now, the process used has the potential to be improved in the future which will enable this tactic to be deployed from greater distances.

Recommendations for protection and safety

NordVPN recommends having an additional security wall in place on phones to protect against similar attacks, along with the use of secure passwords and facial or fingerprint recognition.

Cybersecurity experts add that keeping phones up to date can also help, as bundles often contain additional features to keep the device secure.

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