Meet Fairbuds XL – noise-filtering headphones with a modular design

The Dutch company Fairphone, which develops the series of sustainable mobile devices of the same name, announced the Fairbuds XLnoise-filtering rainbow headphones that come in a modular design that allows users to easily repair them if necessary, while offering a long usage time of up to 30 hours.

While most users in Israel will not be familiar with the name Fairphone, it is a company that was created to provide an unconventional solution to the issue of electronic waste and the high turnover of mobile devices among users by creating the series of Fairphone devices, which come in a “green” and modular design that is easy to repair with simple explanations and high parts availability.

The new headphones come from a particularly “green” production as part of the company’s commitment and are made of 80% recycled plastic, 100% recycled aluminum, use environmentally friendly gold and more.

They combine 40 mm drivers alongside 6 microphones for noise filtering and support for wireless Bluetooth 5.1 connectivity with coupling to 2 devices (Multi-Point) and support for the aptX HD codec.

Fairbuds XL headphones (original Fairphone)

The main and most unusual feature of the Fairbuds XL headphones is their modular design, which allows users to take them apart and replace parts that have worn out or broken with original parts that the company sells, this is in contrast to other headphones on the market, which may be able to repair or replace one or another part of them. But not at the level of the new Fairbuds.

Among the different parts that can be replaced, you can also find the 800mAh battery integrated in the headphones, which offers over 26 hours of use with active noise filtering and more than 30 hours when the noise filtering is turned off.

The modular design of the Fairbuds XL headphones (source Fairphone)

The modular design of the Fairbuds XL headphones (source Fairphone)

Fairphone’s new and modular Fairbuds XL headphones are available for sale at a price of 250 euros (~995 NIS) in Europe.

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