Huawei Group launches the “P60 Pro” phone

Huawei Group launches the “P60 Pro” phone
Huawei Group launches the “P60 Pro” phone

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Huawei Group launches the “P60 Pro” phone

May 13, 2023, 07:00am

Doha – East

Huawei Consumer Business Group revealed the launch of its HUAWEI P60 Pro phone during a special event for users and the media that was held at the Huawei Store in Doha Festival City. The HUAWEI P60 Pro is not just another smartphone, and there are many reasons for that. For starters, it’s a masterpiece that deserves your attention. Second, it’s a phone that makes you feel vulnerable with your photography. And if you’re already into photography, that’s all the more reason to prefer this phone over any other. This phone has everything you need and more. In this article, we’ll go into detail on each of its notable features and tell you why it’s our pick for the best smartphone of the year.

Unique color

Inspired by the French art style, the Rococo Pearl color scheme of the HUAWEI P60 Pro is all about elegance and beauty. It has a gorgeous sheen and texture that comes from the natural mineral pearl powder. It gives every piece of the HUAWEI P60 Pro a unique look. Each phone case is handmade and therefore different. So, you can have your own pearl weave design that stands out from the rest.

The HUAWEI P60 Pro also adopts an eye of light design that fuses the essence of photography even in its aesthetics. This places the main camera in the center of the unit and the other two cameras around the main camera. This elegant design is sure to catch everyone’s attention.

You must be ready to up your photography game with the HUAWEI P60 Pro as it can turn your night shots into masterpieces. The 48MP Super Illuminator Main Camera captures stunning detail, even in challenging lighting conditions. The camera’s powerful low-light capability lets you effortlessly capture stunning sunsets and sunrises and the vibrant colors of urban nightlife. You can make every photo an instant favourite. The innovative Long Travel Slide Zoom lens combination allows you to capture great long distance shots and stunning macro photos with the same camera. And the best part is the combination of advanced hardware and algorithms, so you can create amazing shots no matter if you are a pro or just starting out on your photography journey.

Kunlun glass

The HUAWEI P60 Pro is not just a good-looking phone; It has a strong structure. The phone gives you maximum protection with Huawei’s own Kunlun Glass. With 10 times better drop resistance, you don’t have to worry when you’re out and about with your phone. Since the phone supports Huawei’s ultra-fast charging technology – HUAWEI SuperCharge with a capacity of 88 watts, it can be charged from zero to 50% in just 10 minutes. It also supports 50W fast wireless charging, which makes it safe and easy to charge the phone anytime and anywhere.

Quad screen

The quad curved screen of the HUAWEI P60 Pro looks amazing. The screen curves around the edges, creating an immersive viewing experience. Whether you’re watching movies, playing games, or browsing social media, you’ll love it. Visually, the quad-curved screen aligns perfectly with the back panel of the smartphone, giving the phone a slimmer look. In addition, it makes the phone easy to hold and use. You can swipe and click without any hassle.