700 riyals discount on the new iPhone 14 Pro Max, in installments at Noon Saudi Arabia

iPhone 14 Pro Max phone The new one is one of the wonderful phones that are worth buying, as it supports the feature of water and dust resistance, as it contains international specifications that make it one of the best American Apple phones. location Educate me newson How to buy iPhone 14 Pro Max The new one from Noon Saudi Arabia, with zero interest.

How to buy iPhone 14 Pro Max in Saudi installments

We will learn about the method of buying the phone in installments, which is as follows: –

  1. The price of the mobile phone is 5099 Saudi riyals, instead of 5799 Saudi riyals, including value-added tax.
  2. The value of the monthly installment for the phone is 425 Saudi riyals for a period of 6 months, with a warranty for the phone for two years.
  3. The internal mobile memory comes with a capacity of 256 GB, and the random mobile memory comes with a capacity of 6 GB and supports 5G technology.

iPhone 14 Pro Max mobile specifications

We will get acquainted with the specifications of the screen, which are as follows: –

  • The mobile screen is of the utmost beauty, it comes from the type LTPO Super retina XDR OLED, with an area of ​​​​6.7 inches.
  • The screen comes in a new shape called the moving island in the middle.
  • The screen also has a scratch and anti-fingerprint protection layer.
  • The screen brightness is as high as 2000 nits under direct sunlight.
  • The materials from which the phone is made come with a ceramic shield interface with a back surface of matte composite glass with a stainless steel frame, which are very durable materials.
  • The mobile also supports two Nano Sim cards and one eSim.
  • The phone battery is large, with a size of 4323 mAh.
  • The battery supports 20W fast charging and 15W MagSafe wireless charging.
  • The battery also supports wireless charging with regular 7.5-watt Qi chargers.
  • The phone comes with the iOS 16 operating system, and the mobile also supports the Face ID feature to protect the phone from theft.

iPhone 14 Pro Max camera specifications

The mobile phone has cameras of the utmost beauty. We will get acquainted with its specifications, which are as follows: –

  1. The rear camera of the phone is very beautiful, it comes triple, as the first camera comes with a resolution of 48 mega pixels.
  2. As for the second camera, it comes with a resolution of 12 mega pixels, and it is for real zoom and supports the optical stabilizer.
  3. The third camera comes with a resolution of 12 megapixels and is for wide photography.
  4. There is also a TOF 3D sensor for isolation and portrait work, with a single LED flash.
  5. The front camera of the phone also comes with a resolution of 12 mega pixels and supports autofocus, in addition to the presence of a second lens of the type Face ID for isolation and facial fingerprint.