An exclusive feature in the Pixel 7a phone for the first time from Google

Google provided its latest phone, the Pixel 7a, with an exclusive feature that it had never provided in its phones before, which is the ability to automatically reduce the vibration power, which was not present in any Pixel phone before.

Google officially revealed the Pixel 7a at its Google I / O developer conference a few days ago, and it is a phone that comes within the Pixel 7 family, but it is the low option among them in terms of specifications and price.

After announcing the phone at the developer conference, Google opened the Pixel 7a purchase page through its official website, which contained all the details, and in turn revealed an exclusive feature in the phone that was not available before.

On the home page, Google said that the phone was equipped with the ability to automatically reduce vibrations when alerting or having notifications, in the case of the screen raised to the top, and not at all.

At the moment, only the Pixel 7a appears to have this feature, but there are claims that the feature will make its way to other Pixel phones in the future.

The phone page on the Google website did not explain any other details related to the extent of reducing or controlling the ability to automatically reduce vibrations, but it only touched on revealing the method of activating it, by going to settings, then to sounds and vibrations, then vibration properties and activating the “automatic adaptation of notification vibrations” feature.

With this enabled, the vibration intensity will be automatically reduced when the phone is stationary with the screen facing up.

It is worth noting that the feature was first spotted in the first beta version of Android 13 QPR2, and it was said that it would be available on Pixel phones first, and the Pixel 7a was the beginning.

It is also worth noting that the Pixel 7a will receive periodic updates from Google for the next 3 years of the system, that is, until Android 16, in addition to 5 years of support for security updates, that is, until May 2028.

Pixel 7a comes with a Tensor G2 processor from Google, a 6.1-inch screen, and improvements in the camera over the previous generation. Google said that it will be available at prices less than $ 500, to be a great option for those who want to use a Google-branded phone and a raw version of Android.