Download the linkbox hacked program, the latest version of 2023

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The Linkbox program is one of the most famous programs in that it provides encrypted cloud storage and anyone can download and transfer files, and the program supports that you share with anyone else any documents, pictures or videos on your device, as this feature also enables sharing of folders With contacts and see their updates at any time, and when you register in Linkbox, you will get 50 GB of free storage space, as it enables you to synchronize any documents and photos and access them while you are, and we will learn more about this application during the following paragraphs.

To download the Linkbox application, click here ⇒ Download link box

To download the Wi-Fi password knowledge program, click here ⇒ mbz3

About the application of the link box

If you are one of the individuals who are looking for a free application that helps you store photos, videos, and any type of file, then Linkbox Hacked is one of the best programs for you. It is a free program that can create backup copies of all files and data on your phone and access 50 GB of cloud space in The Android system, where you will have the ability to make backup copies of all your data and files and access them at any time, it will be great when using the link box program.

The importance of downloading the hacked Linkbox program:

The program has an easy and simple interface, it is easy to use.
It is also free of any annoying ads and provides you with a strong protection system, as it is safer than any other program.
It is one of the most popular and used programs by individuals worldwide, especially the Arab world. Through our website, you can download the Linkbox application, which provides you with many features.
It is also possible through it to participate in many programs, such as the Wi-Fi password knowledge program.

How to download the link box application for Android:

  • Click on the official linkbox.
  • Click on the word download or download.
  • Wait for a while and then click on install the application.
  • Click on the word Open and use the application successfully.

Features of downloading the link box application for Android:

  • Supports uploading files, videos and photos from phones to cloud storage.
  • Phone storage will be freed up
  • It can access multiple devices and supports certain files and videos without any special software.
  • Files can be made accessible to anyone and can be shared with more than one person at the same time as it supports the introduction of a shared folder.
  • Supports a variety of playback functions such as screen size adjustment, speed adjustment, floating window and subtitle adjustment.
  • It supports searching for files by name or content, and also by sorting methods, so you can find files quickly.
  • The program has strict account management to protect your files.
  • When you use the Linkbox application, it provides you with easy access to files and supports their common entry.
  • The program also uses a powerful file storage tool, which makes it easy to transfer or share them.
  • Linkbox application is 100% working and does not contain any viruses harmful to your phone and contains the dark mode feature.

Information about downloading the Inbox application for Android:

  • Hear linkbox app
  • The application area is 4.2
  • The number of downloads for the application is 1,000,000
  • The rating of the app is 4.2

The most important thing in the link box application

It provides you with many features, including entering the password, which consists of four numbers, in order to protect privacy and save your files, links and data. It also helps you to provide the create shared links option, as it helps you download anything you want and upload it as a link so that other people can see it by clicking on create. This link shows you to share it with a group of your friends via applications such as Telegram, WhatsApp, or Messenger. Or Facebook, and its validity period is 24 hours, a month, or a week.

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