How will the integration of artificial intelligence work with Google search results?

How will the integration of artificial intelligence work with Google search results?
How will the integration of artificial intelligence work with Google search results?

Google revealed more additions to artificial intelligence technologies for its search engine, which is the first of its kind with the latest Bard smart tool, during the Google I / O 2023 exhibition for developers.

The impact of ChatGPT’s popularity is still huge after its recent revelations, because of the big data and the way it responds to user requests and questions in an enthusiastic way, which has drawn attention to the progress made by this type of future technology.

During its annual exhibition for developers, Google revealed a very early stage of connecting artificial intelligence services and interacting with users to its famous search engine, as the new change is coming for users from the United States only, and the English language only from the engine, in addition to being limited to users of the Chrome browser only. For desktop, not for Android or iOS.

It is clear from Google’s move that it came to gain time and appear with a product that could be considered competitive in one way or another with the distinguished and attention-grabbing ChatGPT currently, especially since the latter has come under the control and acquisition of Microsoft, which put more pressure on Google to reveal its artificial intelligence product that it has been working on for years and was It is expected to be the leader in it.

So, what did Google come up with or how will the integration of artificial intelligence work with the search results, which is an addition on the results page, as the company said in its example, to provide more comprehensive, detailed and accurate support and services at the same time compared to the default search results.

And she explained in a video that was shown, that there will be a section dedicated to more detailed search terms, which will help users reach more accurate results, but through an interactive method in the form of text dialogue as in ChatGPT.

There will be a colored pane of basic information to consider when searching for something, short information generated by Bard and search results will continue to be displayed in the same way it is currently supported.

The artificial intelligence developed by Google will also help with shopping, as it can understand complex search terms. In the example shown by the company, when searching for a specific product, the user will get a snapshot, which this time includes noteworthy factors to consider and appropriate suggested products. Relevant and up-to-date reviews, ratings, prices and photos.

Google also says that it is committed to continuing to display search results from websites and sending visitors, not just staying on its search page all day to talk to artificial intelligence, and also confirms that it will continue to display ads in its specific areas on the results page to help people find products and services that they want. they are looking for.

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