Firefox fixes incorrect colors on Windows

Written by: Rasha Kamal

Sunday, May 14, 2023 09:00 PM

issued Mozilla The latest browser update is 113.0.1 Firefox2 days ago, the new version fixes incorrect colors on the operating system Windows which was the result of a color management problem Windows It seems that version 113 of Firefox The former broke something in color management.

Apart from that, the developers have also fixed an issue with the desktop window manager (DWM) The cache information was not updated, and this issue caused users to experience tearing while watching videos in full screen mode. Speaking of which, another full screen related bug has also been resolved with this update, according to neowin.

Here is the full changelog along with their associated error IDs and links:

1- Incorrect colors have been fixed for my users Windows With monitor/display color profiles installed, especially on wide gamut displays (Bug 1832215).

2. Fixed border around full screen windows for some configurations (Bug 1830721).

3-Fixed an issue that could cause users in some configurations to experience tearing when watching videos in full screen mode (Bug 1830792).

If you want to download Firefox 113.0.1 It can be used from the program page Neowin You can also download it from the site Mozilla the official. If you already run a browser Mozilla which is currently the only incompatible option Chromiumso get Firefox 113.0.1 By heading to Menu > Help > About Firefox.

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