Between artificial intelligence and holograms.. Google unveils 4 projects

Google revealed 4 new projects it is working on, in fields ranging from artificial intelligence, holograms, and the music industry, during its annual developer conference.

One of the first projects presented by the American company during the activities of the first day of its annual conference for developers I / O 2023, Project Tailwind, which relies on the use of modern technologies of generative artificial intelligence.

His idea relies on the user entering a large group of files on a specific topic or different topics into an artificial intelligence system, which analyzes and arranges those documents, so that the user can ask the artificial intelligence about the content of the documents, and obtain accurate and direct answers, without the need to delve into those documents himself. .

The new project is available as a trial for users in the United States only, by subscribing to the new Google Search Labs service.

Project “Starline”

Google also unveiled the new generation of its Project Starline, which it launched for the first time in 2021, and its idea is based on providing an interactive experience for video chats, and converting it from simply staring at the screens of their devices from computers or smartphones to closer communication to real face-to-face communication.

The company was able to use artificial intelligence techniques to reduce the size of the device used in conversations, after it was the size of a room and occupies a large area and relies on a lot of infrared sensors to accurately capture the movement of the face and body of the user, it has become the size of a traditional TV screen, and does not need a huge amount of Data to display an accurate picture of the user’s facial movements, and relies on a few high-resolution camera lenses.

It is reported that Google has been cooperating with some major companies, such as Salesforce and WeWork, to test its revolutionary project on communication between employees since 2021.

Project “Music LM”

Likewise, Google opened the way for all users to experience its new smart system, MusicLM, which uses a huge language model to understand the text commands that the user writes about creating a music clip with a specific style, spirit, and features, and then the system begins to convert it into a professional music clip that adheres to what the user requests.


The company announced its new experimental project, Project GameFace, whose idea is based on an advanced imaging platform that captures facial movement, to help control personal computers by facial movement and its various features with great accuracy, to help people with disabilities enjoy games freely.

Google stated that the idea of ​​its new experimental project stemmed from a real experience of the famous game content maker, “Lance Carr”, who suffers from a disease that causes muscle atrophy over time, as he relied on a “mouse” that he controlled with his personal computer with the movement of his head, but when his house was exposed to a fire in 2021. He lost all his equipment, so the American company planned to help him and all people with disabilities to be able to follow their passion with their personal computers completely freely.

In its “Game Face” project, Google relied on the use of a machine learning system, which accurately captures the movement of the head and features of the user’s face, and then begins to translate them into commands that the user pre-determines. The company also added levels for facial movements and its various parts, to suit the needs of each user.

Google opened the source code for the new service and made it fully available on the GitHub website for software projects, so that the developer community can use it to develop different services and applications.

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