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some mechanics in Breath of the Wild It’s an incredibly fun game, especially the Stasis ability. Although Stasis is not back in The Legend of Zelda: Kingdom’s TearsIn the game, the game offers several equally fun mechanics that play with physics, including an ability that allows players to rewind the momentum of certain objects.

Players learn the ability to retrieve during the opening stages of the game The Legend of Zelda: Kingdom’s Tears He will need to use it at various points throughout the game to make progress in the main story. It’s also very useful during many of the game’s shrines, including Ekochiu Shrine northeast of Lookout Landing.

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Ikuchio Shrine site

Players can find the Ekochiu Shrine in the Great Hyrule Forest area northwest of Pico Pond. Although it can be accessed from the area around Lookout Landing, it is most easily accessed via the Eldin Canyon Skyview Tower, where players simply need to launch themselves from the top of the tower and then slide west for about sixty seconds or so. The coordinates for Ikuchio Shrine are 1063, 1283, 0045.

Walk around Ekochiu Shrine

In order to complete the Ekochiu Shrine, players will need to take advantage of Link’s Recall ability. In the first part of the shrine, this means stepping on the glowing floor tiles to make the white mass move to the far side of the room and then wait for it to return. Once this happens, players must quickly climb over the block and then use the recovery ability on it. This will return its momentum, moving players through to the next part of the shrine.


In the next room, it’s more of the same. Once the block drops from the top, players will need to climb on top of it and then Recall it to reverse its momentum. Once they’re on top, instead of moving to the next area, players must turn around and use Link’s Paraglider to glide to the box on the nearby ledge. Inside, they will find the Zonaite Shield, which reduces the power consumption of any connected Zonai device.


After collecting the shield, players can make their way to the next area. Here, they’ll want to use Link’s Ultrahand ability to move the block next to the dead player in front of them and then climb back up the ladder and step on the floor tiles to launch the block high into the air. Once it lands, players must quickly climb on top of it and then use the recovery ability. When it reaches the highest point, players can jump and slide their way to the statue, where they can claim another light from the pond and complete Ekochiu Shrine.

The Legend of Zelda: Kingdom’s Tears Available for Nintendo Switch.

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