If you feel that your room is spoiling your mood .. Pay attention, these colors may be the reason

Follow-up – Lujain Ismail:

Although people often choose paint colors based on personal preferences or to coordinate with the rest of a room, it’s important to think about how color affects how we feel. Learn about colors that may frustrate you if you choose them for the walls of your home:

bright yellow:

While yellow has some nice qualities, if it’s a monochromatic color, it can give you an aggressive and overwhelming feel in a room.

burnt brown :

Although brown is often considered a calming color, when it contains a lot of red, it can increase your levels of anxiety or anger.

sun yellow (pale golden):

Excessive visual intensity can disturb our minds and give us frequent headaches, and while it is a delightful color with other colors, it should not be used alone.

Dark brown:

The difference between a calming effect and a depressing effect is the shade. Dark colors can give a closed room a cave-like effect, making you feel gloomy and lowering your energy levels.

Gray (in the kitchen or dining room):

While light gray can look bright in bathrooms and have a calming effect in bedrooms, professional designers warn: “Grey should be avoided in dining areas and kitchens unless you want to curb your appetite.”