4 new projects from Google in artificial intelligence, music and holograms

4 new projects from Google in artificial intelligence, music and holograms
4 new projects from Google in artificial intelligence, music and holograms

Google has announced 4 projects it is working on in the fields of music industry, holograms and artificial intelligence.

Tailwind Project

During its annual developer conference, Google presented Project Tailwind, which relies on the use of modern technologies for generative artificial intelligence.

The idea of ​​the project depends on the user including a large group of files on one topic or different topics, into an artificial intelligence system, which analyzes and arranges the documents, so that the user can then ask the artificial intelligence about the content of the documents, to answer directly and accurately the questions, without the user having to go through In all documents himself.

Google is making the new project available experimentally in the United States only, by subscribing to Google’s new “Search Labs” service.

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Starline project

The American company also revealed during its conference the new generation of its “Project Starline” project, which it launched since 2021, while its idea relies on providing an interactive experience for video chats, to turn from just staring at screens from both sides, to closer communication to the real.

And using artificial intelligence techniques, Google reduced the size of the device used in conversations, to the size of a traditional TV screen, after it was the size of an entire room, and relied on a few high-resolution camera lenses.

MusicLM Project

Google allowed all of its users to try its new smart system “MusicLM”, which works by using a huge language model to understand the text commands written by users, to create a music clip with a certain spirit, style and characteristics, and turns it into a professional music clip according to what the user requests.

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GameFace Project

Project GameFace is a new experimental project for Google, whose idea is based on an advanced imaging platform that captures facial movement, to help control personal senses through the face, in the hope that it will help people with disabilities enjoy games freely.

The company relied on the machine learning system in its project, which captures head movement and facial features, and translates them into commands pre-determined by the user, and opened the source code to developers on the “GitHub” software site, so that they can use it to develop various applications and services.