Apple gives you a digital copy of your voice that can be used in voice calls

Apple gives you a digital copy of your voice that can be used in voice calls
Apple gives you a digital copy of your voice that can be used in voice calls

The American technology giant, Apple, announced a set of new accessibility features that will be launched later this year, in conjunction with the launch of the upcoming iPhone 15.

This announcement came from Apple during the recent disclosure of the annual developer conference WWDC 2023; It is scheduled to be held next June, and one of the most prominent of these features is the (personal voice) feature.

Personal voice feature

And Apple indicated, in a post on its official blog, that the (Personal Voice) feature, which is expected to be launched with the next version number 17 of the (iOS) system, will allow iPhone smartphones and iPad tablets to generate a digital version of your voice that can be used in Voice calls and FaceTime calls.

A synthesized voice that is similar to the user’s voice

And Apple said that the (personal voice) feature will create a synthesized voice that resembles the user’s voice, and it can be used to communicate with family and friends, and this feature targets users who have conditions that can affect their ability to speak over time.

Users can create their own personal voice by recording 15 minutes of audio to their device.

machine learning technology

And Apple explained that the new feature will use the machine learning technology that exists only within the device to maximize privacy.

Apple Developer Conference 2023

And the giant Apple company announced, last month, the date of its annual developer conference for this year, WWDC 2023, which begins on the fifth of next June and continues until the ninth of it, to be held via the Internet, with a special presence at the company’s headquarters, Apple Park.

With the approaching date of the Apple conference, many expectations emerged about the most prominent launches that the company intends to present, especially since Apple did not announce special quality updates except for the “Mac” devices that changed in terms of design, and even the launch of the company’s new processors M1 and M2, but what was below that was Simple updates such as the interactive island for the “iPhone” and other things in the hardware systems, so expectations indicate that this conference will be the beginning of a new era in the company’s history and a starting point for two long-awaited new products.

According to the official page of the conference, which will be held this year in its 34th session, the first day of the conference will include a special party at the company’s distinguished headquarters, “Apple Park”, and its attendance will be open to developers and students.

The ceremony usually witnesses the unveiling of new versions of Apple’s operating systems, which are likely to be iOS 17, iPadOS 17, macOS 14, watchOS 10, and tvOS 17 this year.

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