A superior competitor phone in the foldable phone category

After Foldable Phones introduced many innovations, competition in this field remained limited. It is scheduled that the “Honor” company will launch the “Honor Magic Vs” phone in the Arab markets on June 1 next, and it is the first foldable phone from the company to be launched outside China, with advanced technologies and high quality, which is what I tested « Middle East »before its launch, and we mention a summary of the experience.

Stylish and durable design

The first thing that the user will notice is the high quality of the materials used that make it elegant to use. The colors of the back of the phone (the color of the tested sample is Cyan blue) vary according to the viewing angle and light reflection, noting minute points similar to stars. The texture on that side is smooth, but a luxurious texture can be felt. The back side also contains a rectangular protrusion that contains the built-in camera array, in addition to providing a “flash” lighting next to it.

The side side offers two buttons to adjust the volume, as well as a fingerprint sensor that acts as a button to turn on, off and lock the phone. The bottom side offers a charging and data transfer port via USB Type-C and a SIM card port, as well as headphones and microphones on the lower and upper sides. The upper side also provides an infrared port to control the home appliances surrounding the user. As for the front side, it offers a curved screen and a front camera in the middle. Upon opening the phone, the user will get a large screen that makes it more like a tablet device that is easy to carry, in addition to offering a camera on the top right side.

The front screen can be used to interact to read content, write messages and chat with others with one hand with ease, while providing the ability to watch multimedia content and play electronic games on the internal screen after opening the phone and providing ease of writing messages on the keyboard with two hands due to the use of a numeric keypad with large buttons Sized and comfortable to write without moving fingers far distances.

High quality, lightweight upgraded hinge that has a 10-year service life

The hinge of the phone can be considered the best in this category because it uses only 4 internal components compared to 92 in the previous version of the phone, which is lighter due to the use of the same polymeric materials used in the aircraft industry, which is 62% lighter compared to other materials used in other mobile phones. It is more durable due to the use of one-piece molding technology and the abandonment of internal gears that negatively affect the quality of use and the number of times that the phone can be opened and closed before it stops working properly. These factors allow the joint to properly withstand 400,000 folds, which equates to more than 100 folds per day for 10 years.

In addition, there is no gap between the two ends of the phone when it is closed, which prevents dust and fine elements from entering the screen after closing the phone, and protects the large screen as a result. When you experience the quality of the hinge, the phone closes securely without any effort, as well as being easy to open. The line was not noticed in the screen bending area when using the large screen during normal use, except when looking at the screen from the side and when there was a light-colored background, and the bending was accurate and did not affect the daily use experience at all.

Advanced features

The large screen allows the user to work on more than one application at the same time, such as reading content from a website and writing a summary of it in another application, or watching YouTube videos and reading emails, and others. The phone protects the user’s eyes by adjusting the intensity of lighting according to the degree of light surrounding the user, while presenting a night viewing mode that relaxes the eyes and displays the image very smoothly.

The phone uses GPU Turbo X technology, which increases the efficiency of the graphics unit processing data and reduces the amount of energy consumed, which provides higher gaming speeds, longer battery life for extended gaming sessions, and lower thermal emissions. The phone also supports high-quality side speakers on both sides that support stereophonic audio with DTS X technology, which provides an impressive audio experience for playing and watching videos on the big screen. The phone offers the Magic Text feature to recognize texts in captured images and convert them into text, or call a number in the captured image, with ease. In addition, the phone contains a chip specialized in protecting data from theft and user identity against forgery at the level of the operating system, in addition to providing protection mechanisms at the level of the processor itself called Dual Trusted Execution Environment.

The large battery offers an additional 2.5 to 2.9 hours of usage time compared to the iPhone 14 Pro and Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 4 when the screen is folded, and an additional hour compared to the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 4 when the large screen is opened. As for the large internal screen, the phone can, on a single charge, play video shows for about 14 and a half hours over Wi-Fi networks, surf the Internet for more than 11 and a half hours, talk for about 31 and a half hours, or work for about 85 hours in energy saving mode. As for when testing the battery capacity when using the external screen, the phone can, on a single charge, play video shows for more than 20 and a half hours via Wi-Fi networks, surf the Internet for about 16 hours, talk for about 31 and a half hours, or work for about 100 hours in mode. Energy saving.

Advanced imaging capabilities

The phone offers a rear camera array of 54, 50 and 8 megapixels (for the wide and ultra-wide image up to 122 degrees, to zoom in on distant images, and to capture details of items very close to the phone with a distance of 2.5 centimeters), in addition to providing a front camera on the external screen with a resolution of 16 megapixels. The phone supports taking several photos simultaneously via the rear camera array, and using the best elements from each image and lens to obtain dazzling images full of fine details, rich colors and the correct focal length for all elements in the image, even in low light conditions. As for the front camera on the internal screen, it has a resolution of 16 megapixels and can recognize the finest details of the user’s face.

In addition to this, the high capabilities to cancel the effect of the user’s hand shaking during photography and the use of artificial intelligence techniques to raise the quality of clarity. The phone can also take photos of the user during video calls and cancel background noise to raise the clarity of audio during business meetings or with friends and family, with the ability of the phone to record video presentations in 4K ultra-high resolution at 60 frames per second.

Technical specifications

The phone uses the Snapdragon 8 Plus Gen 1 octa-core processor (2 cores at 3 GHz, 3 cores at 2.5 GHz and 4 cores at 1.8 GHz) to deliver superior processing speeds and graphics rendering that allow the most demanding applications and games to run. smoothly, in addition to raising energy efficiency and speed of response to user commands. The phone works with 12 GB of memory, offers 512 GB of built-in storage, and supports the use of two SIM cards.

The external screen has a diameter of 6.45 inches and has a resolution of 2560 x 1080 pixels. It displays images at a density of 431 pixels per inch, a frequency of 120 Hz, a ratio of 21 to 9, and supports HDR10 Plus technology to provide more than a billion colors, while the diameter of the large internal screen is 7.9 inches and its resolution is 2272 x 1984 pixels, it displays the image at a density of 382 pixels per inch, at a frequency of 90 Hz and supports HDR10 Plus technology to provide more than a billion colors.

The phone uses a built-in 5,000 mAh battery that can be charged wired at high speed through the charger built into the device box with a capacity of 66 watts from 0 to 100% in just 46 minutes, and it supports “Wi-Fi” networks a, b, g, n, ac, 6 and Wireless «Bluetooth 5.2», supports NFC technology and provides an infrared port.

The phone works with the “Android 13” operating system and the “Magic OS 7.1” user interface, and its thickness is 6.1 millimeters when its screen is opened and 12.9 millimeters when it is closed, and its weight is 267 grams, and it is available in the Arab region starting from June 1 ( June) in blue and black, at a price yet to be revealed.

Outperform the competition

When comparing the phone with the “Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 4”, we find that “Honor Magic VS” excels in the diameter of the external screen (6.45 compared to 6.2 inches), the internal one (7.9 compared to 7.6 inches), and the resolution of the external screen ( 2560×1080 compared to 2316×904 pixels), internal (2272×1984 compared to 2176×1812 pixels), external screen density (431 compared to 387 pixels per inch) and internal (382 compared to 373 pixels per inch), rear cameras (54, 50, 8 compared to 50, 10, 12 pixels), front (16 16 compared to 10 and 4 MP), battery charge (5,000 compared to 4,400 mAh), charging speed (66 compared to 25W), thickness (6.1 compared to 6.3 mm when opened, 12.9 compared to 15, 8 millimeters when closed), weight (261 compared to 263 grams), and an infrared port.

The two phones are equivalent in processor type (“Snapdragon 8 Plus, first generation”), memory (12 GB), built-in storage capacity (512 GB), support for “Bluetooth 5.2” and NFC technology, and provide a side fingerprint sensor, while the “Galaxy Z Fold 4” excels in Processor speed (2 cores at 3.19 GHz, 3 cores at 2.75 GHz, and 4 cores at 1.8 GHz compared to 2 cores at 3 GHz, 3 cores at 2.5 GHz, and 4 cores at 1.8 GHz), support for Wi-Fi 6e networks » Water and dust resistance according to the IPX8 standard.