Google announces Android 14 features supported by AI technologies


During its conference for developers this year, Google I / O 2023, Google announced new features coming in Android 14 that are enhanced with AI artificial intelligence technologies, including the Magic Compose feature in the Messages application to create and respond to messages intelligently, in addition to a new feature to create wallpapers for the phone based on Artificial intelligence by describing the background in text, along with more options to customize the interface, lock screen, and more.

What are the new Android 14 features supported by AI technologies?

Although Google did not focus much on Android 14 (the upcoming new version of the most popular operating system for smartphones), it announced some new features coming to Android, including a number of features supported by generative AI technologies.

Create and reply to messages with the help of AI

Google said that its messaging application will provide Android users with a new feature called Magic Compose supported by generative AI technologies, a feature that makes it easier for the user to respond to incoming messages according to their context intelligently, in addition to the ability to choose a writing style, whether more friendly, more professional, or even A request to write a letter or respond to it in the manner of Shakespeare’s writings.

The Magic Compose feature is available for creating and responding to messages through the Messages application in Android later this summer of 2023, provided that it is first available in the beta version before it is gradually available after that to more users.

Google I/O 2023 conference summary

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More customization of the lock screen in Android 14

More customization of the lock screen in Android 14

More customization of the lock screen in Android 14

And with the availability of Android 14 later this year 2023, the user will be able to further customize the interface, including through many new options related to wallpapers, in addition to the ability to customize the Screen Lock screen, so that the user can add more shortcuts. For the lock screen and choosing from a variety of new clocks, Google will also provide a black and white monochrome theme only system-wide, which provides greater eye comfort and lower battery consumption.

AI background creation

Emoji wallpapers and cinematic wallpapers for Android

Emoji wallpapers and cinematic wallpapers for Android

And in continuation to enhance its services with features based on generative AI technologies, Google will provide Android 14 users with the ability to create wallpapers for phone By artificial intelligence by describing them textually, provided that Google displays text proposals to help describe the backgrounds that the user wants to create, after which a unique background will appear based on Google’s model of artificial intelligence to convert texts into images, similar to the creator of images Bing Image Creator From Microsoft, but with more customization to suit phone backgrounds and the taste of each user.

Google also said that it will provide users of Pixel phones such as Pixel 7 Pro Also, first, two new features for creating wallpapers, including the ability to create wallpapers with emoji, Emoji wallpaper, by selecting a group of emoji or emoji Choose the pattern and color, in addition to the cinematic wallpaper that allows the backgrounds on the phone to be transformed into 3D stereoscopic wallpapers that interact with movement and tilting the phone.

Highest quality photos and videos for social media apps

And Android 14 provides users and content makers with a greater ability to publish better videos of higher quality through various social networks such as Snapchat, Instagram, TikTok, and others, by supporting HDR With 10-bit color depth and support for night mode, in addition to Ultra HDR support, to display better and brighter images.

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