Relatively cold spring weather with temperatures below seasonal averages dominates Lebanon

The Department of Estimates at the Meteorological Authority stated that “relatively cold spring weather, with temperatures below their seasonal averages, dominates Lebanon and the eastern basin of the Mediterranean, and continues until Sunday,” noting that “the average temperature for the month of May is between 18 and 27 degrees Celsius.” “.

And it explained in its morning bulletin, that “the weather expected in Lebanon today, Thursday, is partly cloudy to cloudy at times with high clouds, with a noticeable drop in temperatures that are below their seasonal averages, and dense fog forms on the heights; and visibility is completely absent.”

And the Department of Estimates pointed out that “the weather expected tomorrow, Friday, is partially cloudy in general, with an additional drop in temperatures that are below seasonal averages, and thick fog continues to form on the heights, with no visibility at all.”

And it indicated that “the weather expected on Saturday is partly cloudy, without adjusting for temperatures that remain below their seasonal averages on the coast, with fog still appearing on the heights and poor visibility, and the possibility of sporadic drizzle in the north of the country.”

It also stated that “the weather expected on Sunday is partly cloudy to cloudy at times, with medium and high clouds, with the beginning of a rise in temperatures, as thick fog continues to form on the heights, and visibility worsens completely.”

The department added that “the surface winds are southwesterly active at times, their speed ranges between 10 and 35 km/h and sometimes intensifies in the northern regions to about 55 km/h. Visibility is generally good during the day and gets worse at night on the heights due to fog. The relative humidity on the coast is between 65 and 95.” %, the state of the sea is generally rough (1.5 meters), and the water surface temperature is 21 degrees Celsius.