The date of the Al-Masry and Al-Ittihad Alexandria match in the Premier League

Al-Masry, the first football team of the Egyptian club, is preparing to face its counterpart, Al-Ittihad of Alexandria, in the twenty-ninth round of the Premier League.

The date of the Al-Masry and Al-Ittihad Alexandria match

The Al-Masry match against Al-Ittihad of Alexandria will start at seven in the evening, next Monday, in the 29th round of the Egyptian League Championship.

Match channel The Egyptian against the Alexandrian Union

Matches are scheduled to be transferred The Egyptian against the Alexandrian Union On the screen of Ontime Sport, the exclusive broadcaster of the Egyptian Premier League.

Egyptian club

He studies Mimi Abdel Razek The technical director of the first football team in the Egyptian club, Al-Ittihad of Alexandria, by watching the past matches of the Alexandrian club in the Premier League, the most recent of which was the confrontation with Enppi in the last round, which ended with the victory of the Petroleum team with a goal to nothing, in order to determine the strengths and weaknesses before its important confrontation between Al-Masry and Al-Ittihad of Alexandria.

The latest developments in the injured Egyptian

Tariq Al-Sayed, the second general coach of the first football team in the Egyptian club Port Said, revealed the latest developments in the condition of the team’s injured, before the Al-Ittihad match of Alexandria.

Al-Sayed said in exclusive statements to “Veto”: “We will return to training today, and we will work to prepare Elias Al-Jelassi to rely on him in the upcoming matches.”

He added, “Elias will complete his rehabilitation process in training today, hoping to catch up with the Al-Ittihad match scheduled for next Monday in the league competition.”

And he continued: “Elias’ participation in the Al-Ittihad match will be determined according to the medical test that he will undergo, provided that Dr. Mimi makes the final decision whether or not he will participate, except that he will be 100% ready to participate in the Future match.”

And he added, “We are working to prepare Ziad Kamal for his participation in the next Al-Ittihad match, given the team’s need for his services in that important match.”

And he added, “The team suffers from several injuries and many absences, and we have lost the services of Marawan Hamdi and Hassan Ali for a long time, and we are working to prepare a replacement.”

He explained, “We are working to prepare all the elements we possess to overcome the absences that we suffer from, especially in the offensive line, in which we currently only have Grindo.”

And he concluded: “The fans of Port Said should know that we are working to prepare all the elements of the team so that they are ready during the upcoming matches, especially since the players who are currently participating with us mainly stayed away from participating nearly two months ago, accompanied by Captain Hossam Hassan’s apparatus.”

Tariq Al-Sayed

Ragab Abdel Qader, Vice Chairman of the Al-Masry Club, spoke about the reason for the dismissal of Hossam Hassan and his assistant staff from training the club’s first football team.

Abdel Qader said in exclusive statements to “Veto”: “We did not wrong Hossam Hassan when we took the decision to dismiss him, as our decision came after many abuses.”

He added, “Hossam’s dismissal was deserved. We cannot allow transgression against the club, the country, or the board of directors. Our decision to dispense with Hossam’s services is a victory for morals and principles.”

And he added, “The Egyptian club is a red line in front of everyone, as the club is the one who made stars throughout the history of Egyptian football, so we will not accept any insults against the club and its board of directors.”

Al-Masry ranks seventh in the Egyptian Premier League standings table, with 37 points, as it won 8 matches, was defeated in 7 matches, 13 matches ended in a draw, scored 26 goals and conceded 30 goals.

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