Export of the chemical industries: 8 billion dollars, the value of the industrial output of plastic factories

Export of the chemical industries: 8 billion dollars, the value of the industrial output of plastic factories
Export of the chemical industries: 8 billion dollars, the value of the industrial output of plastic factories


Khaled Abu Al-Makarem, head of the Export Council for Chemical Industries, said that the plastic and rubber industries sector is one of the important sectors and is characterized by strong demand, given that it is products that have real contact with the life of the citizen, and the high production capabilities that the sector enjoys.

This came during the inauguration of the activities of the Afroplast exhibition today, Thursday, May 18, 2023, at the Cairo International Conference Center – Nasr City, with the participation of about 140 companies from eight different countries.

He explained that the number of official companies operating in the sector for the year 2022 was about 9,877 establishments, with a capital of $11.68 billion, with a total industrial output from the sector of more than $8 billion for the year 2022, with an annual domestic consumption of about $4.2 billion annually.

Mohamed Majeed, Executive Director of the Chemical Industries Export Council, confirmed that the Council, as a strategic sponsor of the exhibition, was keen to provide the sector’s companies with a display platform through their participation in the Afroplast exhibition, in addition to financing and supporting micro and small companies with a 50% contribution from the Council to help member companies participate in international exhibitions. Niche.

It includes and holding 8 seminars and workshops within its activities. The seminars and their topics were chosen in accordance with the needs of companies in the current period. Their topics included export, mechanisms for penetrating foreign markets, banking and financing transactions and services for the industrial sector provided by Banque du Caire, contemporary trends in the chemicals (plastic) sector, programs The development of suppliers provided by the German Agency for International Cooperation, and a meeting on the role of the United Nations Industrial Development Organization in supporting the value chain for single-use plastics, and a meeting on digital transformation, and another meeting entitled What is not measured is not developed.

The sectors (plastics – rubber – plastic processing and recycling industries – petrochemicals – household products industries) are participating in the exhibition in the presence of 57 Egyptian companies, 52 companies from China, 23 companies from Taiwan, 4 from Germany, and companies from Hong Kong, Italy, Korea and Saudi Arabia.

The Afroplast exhibition presents the latest technologies, applications and industrial solutions that serve the business sectors in the field of plastics, rubber and non-woven industries.

Afroplast aims to benefit from the steady growth of the non-woven industries sector, as the global non-woven industries market size is expected to grow from USD 24.26 billion in 2017 to USD 34.85 billion by 2022, at a compound annual rate of 7.51%, witnessing The non-woven fabrics market is growing exponentially due to growing hygienic requirements in developing markets and increasing awareness of environmentally friendly products