Important notice from the Natural Gas Company to owners of the old gas meter

The Natural Gas Company, affiliated to the Ministry of Petroleum, Petrotrade, published an important notice to all citizens who own an old gas meter, in which a reading is recorded at the beginning of each month to issue the bill.

The natural gas company said that the owners of the old gas meter, with a reading, must quickly register it before the 20th of this month, after two days, in order to issue the monthly natural gas bill, as the reception of the natural gas meter reading will be stopped on Sunday and the last day of its registration. Saturday.

The gas company announced an easy way to record the reading of the natural gas meter, in addition to other methods: the IVR service

The company said: “Your data is safe with the IVR service from Petrotrade. Now, electronic payment has become easier through the IVR service, which is an audio recording that responds to you and interacts with you in an automatic way, so that you can:

Record the meter reading

Know the value of the bills due

– Submit a complaint

You pay the bill

The service is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week. You can use it by calling:

5727 from any mobile

– 09000727 from any landline number

Methods for recording monthly gas readings

– Inquire through the company’s website from here.

Go to the nearest branch of the company, record the reading and pay the bill.

– Through the application of the National Bank of Palestine phone cash wallet or the application of the BM Walt wallet of Banque Misr.

– My Immediate mobile application You can download the application from the appropriate store for your mobile phone.

Jumia Mobile Application.

Call the hotline 17169 from any mobile or landline

– Through the Interactive Voice Response (IVR) service from landline 09000727 or mobile 5727

– By downloading the Petrometer application via the Google Play Store and the Apple Store