Turkish more than the Turks!

Turkish more than the Turks!
Turkish more than the Turks!



Dr.. Abdullah Al Emadi

Turkish more than the Turks!

May 18, 2023, 02:00am

Many Muslims, Arabs and non-Arabs, interacted with the elections in Turkey at the beginning of this week, until the opponents of President Recep Tayyip Erdogan and his party called those interacting that they are more Turks than the Turks themselves, and they blamed them for that interaction and staying up until the morning waiting for the results, and other things. Manifestations of interest and follow-up.. We will not care about what the opponents of Tayyip Erdogan said, but rather we wonder: Why did you leave so many Muslims that night, and is there anything to prevent that?

In light of the conditions of the Muslim nation over the past hundred years, Muslims live without leadership, even if symbolic, unlike what the Muslim nation has been accustomed to since the era of the most generous of creation, Muhammad bin Abdullah, upon him be the best prayers and peace. The Ummah considered the Khilafah the axis around which the Muslim peoples revolved, whether they were at the height of their strength or the lowest degrees of their setback, and that had it not been for the power and influence of that symbolism, the West would not have come together in a period of extreme weakness for the Ummah, and that West conspired in the full sense of the word, to abolish even this symbol of conscience This was the step of pessimism on the part of the Turks, regardless of the beliefs and origins of those Turks on the day they signed the abolition of the caliphate, within the conditions of surrender to the victors after the First World War, and the rest of the well-known story.

After the Ottoman caliphate, the last recognized caliphate recognized in the world, was abolished in March 1924 by a decree of the National Assembly in Turkey, which was considered a step within the reforms of Mustafa Kemal and the removal of the Ottoman Sultanate and its replacement by the Republic of Turkey, so that Muslims would live after that ominous step, within the borders drawn by Western colonialism in all its forms. Miscellaneous, for this gathering to disperse, a scattered fragment until this day of people.

West before East

That semi-long introduction, but to reflect on what happened last Sunday night, and to explain the pre-Islamic Western world’s interest in the Turkish elections, which Western media unanimously agreed is the most important and influential election for Turkey and many countries and global groupings during the past hundred years.

This consensus would not have happened, of course, had it not been for the emergence of Turkey as a country with influence in a geopolitical environment that began to acquire great importance, but rather becomes more important with time as the rise and growth of the influence and strength of the Turkish state, which it gained during the last two decades, and that the central or influential person in this The rise, with loyal men and work teams around him, is President Erdogan, who has been living in the ruling circle since 2002 and many years before that in the world of politics and closeness to the ruling and decision-making circles.

Erdogan is a beacon of hope

The interaction of millions of Muslims, Arabs and non-Arabs, with the Turkish elections, and their calls for a solid victory for Mr. Erdogan, but based on what we mentioned above, and an internal feeling growing in Muslim souls, indicates the importance and necessity of circumventing every sincere hope that can revive and rise the nation again, and that this hope It began to materialize little by little in this person with his party, which bears the name of Justice and Development. They hope to God that it will continue for another five fruitful years to come, as the nation is in dire need of a voice that will defend and defend it in any possible way, after many have fought against it, whether from internal agents or elements Programmed and driven to achieve the agendas of the outside, or from abroad through Western governments and institutions – in the first place – trying their best, with all their means and capabilities, to stifle any attempt at revival in any Muslim spot, and to distort the image of those who lead any renaissance attempt.

At the level of individuals, yesterday Morsi, may God have mercy on him, was in Egypt, and now there are attempts to repeat what happened in Egypt with Imran Khan in Pakistan, and of course the strongest attempts are still in full swing in Turkey with this good man, Recep Erdogan. In addition to that, the distortion and suppression of all attempts to advance the nation through institutions, political or social entities, or reformist groups, and stigmatize them all as terrorism and other propaganda from the Americans and the West together, until one almost feels despair prevailing over millions of Muslims around the world, with some hope remaining in a candle there. It was ignited in Turkey, and it is perhaps the secret of the Muslim Turks during last Sunday’s elections. Perhaps they were Turks, more than half of the Turks who stood against the president, for racist and nationalist accounts supported by the propaganda and money of the West and some of the East.

Actions before words

The stand of the West blatantly and without the slightest shame against Erdogan, the person and the idea, far from the professionalism and ethics of political and media work, is what pushed millions of Muslims to the Turks, and with a kind that may have appeared intolerance as well. He traveled to everything that is Islamic, or close to the spirit of Islam, and this was evident in these elections, before and during them, and may even continue after that in the event that Al-Tayyib remains president for the next five years, God willing, but without a doubt at a calmer and hidden pace.

That is why I find nothing wrong with a Muslim being a Turk, even for one night, which is the night of the twenty-eighth of this month, in support of goodness, and as a manifestation of the spirit of Islamic brotherhood and true cooperation, which is required to be shown before those who do not want this religion or its people, except for more evil and more servility, humiliation and submission.

Before concluding this hadith, I would not fail to direct an invitation to every Sunni Turk, not to contribute to the demolition of what his brothers built, especially the young among them, who did not live up to the time of the builders of what they are now witnessing in terms of achievements that the world is witnessing, affected by false propaganda of the West that will only increase their loss. Hence the importance of broadening their horizons, and that the worries of daily living should not be an obstacle that prevents them from seeing a brilliant future that awaits them. A future that many outside Turkey do not want to see for themselves or for their country. It is the future that the Muslims of the world, as well as those lurking in Turkey, see clearly and unquestionably. As for the Muslims, they support him, and as for the lurkers, they oppose him.

Will some of the 45% of those who stood against al-Tayyib a few days ago take notice and block the desire of a racist Alawite minority to rule a Sunni majority in a country like Turkey, which has a great Sunni Islamic history and legacy that does not need many explanations and details? I hope so, and I ask God for every progress and success for Turkey, and for the good Rajab, every prosperity and success.

And God is the guarantor of everything beautiful, and He is sufficient for us, and He is the best disposer of affairs.

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