Hertha Berlin refuses to give up in the battle for relegation from the Bundesliga

Hertha Berlin refuses to give up in its battle to avoid relegation from the German Football League (Bundesliga), however, coach Pal Darday remains puzzled by the lack of continuity of the team, especially since even in the event of a victory over Bochum on Saturday, the team may not survive relegation.

Darday said today, Thursday :”We know survival is no longer in our hands. We simply have to try and do our best. We must be ready and hungry to win against Bochum”.

He added: “More than 60,000 spectators will be there again, and this is great. Our team needs to fight for these fans. We must win the day after tomorrow – for the sake of all the fans and club workers. For the sake of all of us.”

Hertha Berlin is at the bottom of the standings and faces relegation for the seventh time from the league. With only two matches left, Hertha is four points away from Stuttgart, the penultimate place, and five points away from Schalke, the sixteenth-placed, whose owner is in the play-offs for promotion and relegation, and six points away from Bochum, the fifteenth-placed.

Hertha must beat Bochum, but even this win will not be enough if Schalke and Stuttgart win this round. And if the team maintains its chances in this round, it will have to win in the last round against Wolfsburg and hope that the results of the other matches will go in its favor.

Darday, a former Hertha player, took over as coach of the team, succeeding Sandro Schwartz recently for the third time, but lost due to the lack of continuity in the team, as he beat Stuttgart 2/1, but then lost 2/5 against Cologne.

Darday said :”I can’t understand why we forgot everything good we did against Stuttgart last Friday in Cologne. That’s why we had an in-depth analytical session last Monday”.

He emphasized: “It’s not great when you talk to your players at the end of the season and ask them to run a meter. They have to change this completely. I’ve never worked with the team where the willpower and work to get the ball and the basics disappear.”