“We only have one game on our minds and we want to do well”

“We only have one game on our minds and we want to do well”
“We only have one game on our minds and we want to do well”

“The team is motivated and we arrived with good dynamism,” said Musa, who accompanied the coach to the press conference before the Final Four kicks off in Kaunas.

a contract Chose Mateo AndDozanan Musa A joint press conference before the launch Final Four 2023 in Kaunas, Lithuania. The coach assessed the semi-final match against Barcelona: “We have to enjoy the Final Four after all the work we put in. Now, we want to win it and we are ready to compete and give our best. Being here is very important because we are in the top four. We arrive in good shape, we have one game in mind. We just want to do well.”

“We did a good job in the regular season. There are many teams that played well all year and despite not reaching the The Final Four You deserve to be congratulated. We were in the top positions throughout the regular season, looking for the home advantage and that was decisive in getting us past the play-offs. It was very difficult, but it passed, there are no injuries, there are no statistics and there are no favourites.”

Progress in a difficult season
“The most important thing is to enjoy the moment. We suffered from volatility, but in the end we achieved a beautiful goal, which is to be in The Final Four. Now, we want to reach the final and hopefully we can win the title. Drama should not prevail in negative situations and trying to move forward as a team, and I think that has greatly strengthened us in the regular season and the playoffs.”

Real Madrid mentality
“I think it’s the spirit of the club and the team. To get here we have come a very difficult way and it’s good to know that we will never give up and that we will fight until the end. We are very proud of the players. This mentality has been around for a long time at the club”.

Musa: “This is my first Final Four and we will try to win the title”
“This is my first Final Four and it’s a great feeling. Our team is very motivated, we arrived with good dynamics and we’re going to try to maintain them. It won’t be easy, we’ll live in the moment, go match by match and try to win the title”.

Seasoned experience
“It’s great to have such veterans on the team Yui, Rudy AndSergio Rodriguez, who have played the Final Four many times. They help us a lot and I hope we can benefit from their experience in this type of match.”