Dani Alves “uses his children” to get out of prison

Dani Alves “uses his children” to get out of prison
Dani Alves “uses his children” to get out of prison

Published in: May 18, 2023: 03:07 PM GST
Last updated: May 18, 2023: 03:45 PM GST

Spanish press reports revealed that former Brazil and Barcelona club back Dani Alves will submit a request to take advantage of his children’s presence in Barcelona to get out of prison.

Alves has been behind bars since January 20, after a girl accused him of raping her in one of the city’s nightclubs.

And the newspaper “Marca” stated that the footballer’s previous requests to leave his cell until the end of his trial were rejected due to the possibility of his escape and return to his country, but the player will use his children as a last resort.

The player’s lawyers told the court that their client would not leave the Spanish city because his children had moved to live there and are studying in a Barcelona school.

And the “Marca” report indicated that, in order to avoid the risk of fleeing, the lawyers for the most winning player in the history of football confirmed that he had a “life project” in Barcelona, ​​​​where he had always wanted his children to receive a university education. So he enrolls them in Spain, where his eldest son is in his last year of high school.

Alves repeatedly denied that he had raped the girl who accused him, while forensics proved that the biological remains found belonged to Danny Alves.

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