The Moroccan Professional Mutual Fund organizes the tenth edition of the Day of Health at Work

The Moroccan Professional Mutual Fund organizes the tenth edition of the Day of Health at Work
The Moroccan Professional Mutual Fund organizes the tenth edition of the Day of Health at Work

Thursday, May 18, 2023 to 13:06

Casablanca – The Moroccan Professional Mutual Fund (CMIM), in partnership with Moroccan Games and Sports (MDJS), is organizing, on May 24th, the tenth edition of the Day of Health at Work, on the theme “Reducing risks at work: boosting job performance and health at work”.

A joint communiqué of the Moroccan Professional Mutual Fund and Moroccan Games and Sports stated that this event is also organized in partnership with African Global Health (AGH), the African Chamber of Commerce and Services, as well as the Association for the Promotion of Sports in Entrepreneurship in Morocco (APSEM).

The same source added, “We cannot talk about health today without talking about a proven concept, which is risk reduction, in other words, all preventive measures for a better health approach understood in a scientific way.”

And he highlighted that “this day, organized by the Moroccan Professional Fund, highlights to us, in fact, the importance of thinking together about new approaches to occupational health, establishing new preventive practices, in addition to new models in the often complex relationships between individuals and their work, with everything that This carries unforeseen risks.

In this sense, the communication adds, this tenth day will begin with a lecture given by Dr. Iman Kandili, a specialist in psychotherapy and addiction and head of African Global Health (AGH), “where she will explain to us that since the (Covid-19) pandemic, the world faces relentless risks in confronting this. Reality and the constant need to protect population and life, as we strive to create new ways of working and behaving, especially in terms of prevention and expectation with this in mind.”

He indicated that, in addition to that, two sessions will be organized focusing on current health emergencies, the first entitled: “Risk Reduction: Led by Dr. Risks to everyone’s health? How can it be controlled, avoided, minimized or even eradicated? As well as offering some ways of reflection and commitment, individual and / or collective, to question consciences and above all to act in the direction of health.

As for the second session, it will focus on the weakness of health systems, “because, today, every country is constantly reviewing its health policies to avoid falling back into the same dysfunctions. In this sense, occupational health is as much a national priority as city health, which forms an inseparable whole.”

Dr. Youssoufa Ndibey, Abdel Karim Karkashi, Dr. Lubna El Taheri and Nabil Najih will provide interventions to answer questions such as: How do you invest in occupational health? What are the methods and practices that should be put in place, and above all, what are the obstacles that must be overcome in order for health to be a lever for functional and individual performance, work and economic growth? How to create and manage the healthy value continuum between the economic and the social?

And the communication adds, “It is clear to us that awareness is necessary and very concrete measures to meet the health challenges of tomorrow. Because it is clear that to face the threats that affect our health physically, psychologically and financially, they can only be treated through a proactive approach to prevention,” stressing that “risk reduction, today, is not just a theoretical idea that we discuss, but a fact that we have proven and tested.”

He concluded that “the national vision is moving and we must follow its example in a spirit of cooperation, solidarity and complete freedom to adhere to the enlightened vision of His Majesty King Mohammed VI, not only to make risk reduction our credo, at our level, but also to bring it to its climax in cooperation with the countries of the South” .