Eyewitnesses to the finding of the body of a housewife and her two children in an elevator: We turned off the electricity

Eyewitnesses to the finding of the body of a housewife and her two children in an elevator: We turned off the electricity
Eyewitnesses to the finding of the body of a housewife and her two children in an elevator: We turned off the electricity

Al-Khalifa and Al-Moqattam Partial Prosecution listened to the statements of eyewitnesses, regarding the finding of three bodies inside elevators, within the scope of the Al-Moqattam Police Department, where they confirmed that a fire broke out inside the victims’ apartment, and the victim and her children tried to escape from the fire to enter the elevator.

The eyewitnesses added that when they saw the fire spreading and thick fumes, they separated the electricity from the property and the gas to prevent it from spreading to the rest of the floors of the property, stressing that they did not notice the presence of the victims inside the elevators.

The Civil Protection Forces in Cairo were able to put out a fire that broke out in a residential apartment in Cairo Mokattam areakilling a woman and her two children.

Apartment fire in Mokattam

The emergency police operations room in Cairo had received a report of a fire in a residential apartment in the Mokattam Police Department, and immediately the Civil Protection in Cairo sent 3 fire engines to the scene of the fire.

A security cordon was imposed in the vicinity of the fire to contain the fire and prevent the danger of it spreading to the rest of the neighbourhoods, and the fire was extinguished.

On examination, it was found that the bodies of the owner of the apartment and her two children were found inside the property’s elevators, suffocating from smoke. Investigations revealed that while they were escaping from the fire, the elevators broke down, and they died of suffocation from smoke. A report was issued of the incident, and the Public Prosecution was notified.

Civil Protection

The General Directorate of Civil Protection has established a set of mistakes committed by residents of apartments and residential properties, which lead to the outbreak of fires, including the lack of ventilation openings, whether in apartments or inside warehouses that contain flammable materials.

The administration emphasizes not using imitated electrical wires that do not withstand pressure and lead to fires due to electrical short circuits, in addition to overloads, due to operating electrical appliances, and storing flammable materials next to a heat source.

The administration indicates that there are frequent mistakes in fires, including frequent resorting to random electricity connections that lead to fires, smoking when feeling sleepy and not being sure to extinguish a cigarette, leaving candles or matches within reach of children, using water in burning oil fires, and using matches to test for gas leakage. , and it is better to replace soap with it.

Regarding fire prevention measures, they are through: Inspection and periodic examination of workplaces, as regular inspection of workplaces, even if they are designed against fires and their prevention, is one of the most important preventive measures against fires.

And setting up a safety system in the building, such as installing a number of fire extinguishers in more than one place in the building, and setting and adhering to security safety instructions to reduce the risk of fires.

An automatic or automatic alarm system is installed in buildings, and automatic alarm systems are used in places and halls that have an increased risk of fire and the losses that may result from it.

Automatic alarms work in the event of a fire to shorten the time period between the moment of the occurrence of the fire and the moment of its discovery, which paves the way for the speed of intervention and the effectiveness of fire control and control operations, and thus reduce the size of the losses resulting from it.

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