Australian teenager smokes laughing gas

Australian teenager smokes laughing gas
Australian teenager smokes laughing gas


May 18, 2023

16:57 pm

Laughing gas canisters

Australian teen Molly Day

Prepared by: Mohamed Ezzedine
A report published by the Australian newspaper The Sydney Morning Herald on the harmful effects of laughing gas, known as “Nang”, dealt with the case of teenager Molly Day, 19, who was addicted to the gas, and it affected her negatively, as she was no longer able to eat, walk or shower without help.
“While naang is widely considered safe, experts from the New South Wales National Research Center in Sydney have confirmed that this could not be further from the truth,” the report said. Because long-term use causes damage to the brain and nerves.
“She became addicted to nang after graduating from high school,” said Dai. Soon, its consumption began to increase, at a rate of two liters of gas per day.
She added: «I can’t stop using it, as soon as I finish a bottle, I want more. Until two weeks ago I was healthy and walking unaided, but now I can’t do anything by myself, I can’t walk anymore, and I’ve lost control of my limbs.”
Although the Western Australian government announced laws last year to restrict the sale of nitrous oxide canisters, “laughing gas”, Molly’s mother, Nikki Day, believes that the government should do more in this regard.