Report: 6 stocks account for half of the liquidity of the UAE financial markets

Malik Salameh – directShares of 6 companies listed in the UAE financial markets acquired 50 percent of the liquidity achieved by the Dubai and Abu Dhabi stock exchanges, at the end of Thursday’s trading session.

According to the data of the UAE financial markets, the trading values ​​of the six stocks recorded liquidity amounting to 660.431 million dirhams, at the end of today’s session, which represents 50 percent of the liquidity of the UAE financial markets amounting to 1.319 billion dirhams.

a company Global Holding

Global Holding, listed on the Abu Dhabi Stock Exchange, topped the list of six shares, with a trading value of about 269.283 million dirhams, and transactions took place on the company’s shares, amounting to 681.729 million shares.

“multiplay” group

Multipleplay shares, listed on the Abu Dhabi Securities Market, recorded a trading value of 84.494 million dirhams, and achieved a volume of 27.409 million shares.

Alfadhabi Holding Company

Alfazbi Holding previously achieved a trading value of 72.278 million dirhams, and attracted a trading volume of 3.667 million shares.

Ajman Bank

The share of Ajman Bank, which is listed on the Dubai Financial Market, achieved trading values ​​of 115.224 million dirhams, compared to trading volumes at the end of today’s trading of 59.570 million shares.

Emaar Properties

Emaar Properties, the largest real estate company in the region, recorded trading values ​​of 75.969 million dirhams, and a volume of 12.728 million shares took place.

Bank Emirates NBD

Emirates NBD share register The largest bank in terms of assets in the Emirate of Dubai, transactions worth 43.283 million dirhams, with trading volumes exceeding 3.095 million shares.

It is noteworthy that the UAE financial market indices declined at the end of Thursday’s trading session, amid expectations that interest rates will begin to be cut by the third quarter of 2023.

The Dubai Financial Market recorded losses amounting to 333 million dirhams, and the losses of the Abu Dhabi Stock Exchange amounted to 13 billion dirhams, with a total loss of 13.333 billion dirhams, equivalent to 3.632 billion dollars.

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